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"excerpts from

The Paul Solomon Tapes,

A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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How This Book Was Created

A perfect chain of events starting in the Spring of 1972 . . .

At the time, I managed the East coast distribution office in Atlanta of a company called Houston Blacklight and Poster Company.  Several years earlier, I had become interested in psychic/spiritual matters starting with Ram Dass and Carlos Castenada.  That Spring, I was involved with a group around a 14-year guru from India and had learned about Edgar Cayce from folks in the group.  

I was super excited as I read my first Cayce book, the topic was Atlantis.  The readings struck a chord deep in me.  It was profound.  I loved the reading excerpts, I did not particularly care for the commentary, the readings said it all for me.  So, I decided I must go to Virginia Beach and meet Edgar Cayce.   I wanted to do a book that only contained reading excerpts without commentary because I felt we each interpret the information in a way that best enhances our spiritual development.  Then I discovered he had been dead for  30 years.  I was crushed.

September, 1972, the guru has passed but I still have some wonderful friends from that group.  One of them, Dennis, knew that I was a musician and had some pro-quality recording equipment.  He asked me to go with him to this psychic and record his reading from him.   Sure, why not, I had never been to a psychic before and it might it a cool experience.

A few days later, we arrive at a little four room house on Shallowford Road in NE Atlanta.  We meet this guy named Paul Solomon and his conductor, Mike.  As I was setting up my recording gear in the little reading room with the single bed mattress on the floor, I could see Paul's eyes get really big, no one had ever gone to this trouble to record one of his readings.  Paul and his conductor start visiting with Dennis to organize his questions and to allow Paul to attune himself to Dennis.  This takes about 15 minutes.  Then we go into the reading room, Paul lays down on the mattress, we arrange ourselves around it, and we all enter in to meditation.

After a few minutes of meditation, Paul interweaves his fingers together, palm side up and places them over his third eye area, just above his eyes.   At the same time, his conductor says the Lord's Prayer for protection and group attunement.  Thirty seconds or so passes, Paul's body heaves, he makes a slight, guttural noise and his hands come to rest over his solar plexus area.  My first experience with a Paul Solomon Source Reading has begun.

As the words come out of his mouth, I knew I had found him, he was familiar, all of this was familiar.  I had been here before, such a deep sense of dejŠ vu rushed over me, it was extraordinary.  I clung to every word that passed out of Paul's mouth from the Source.  I would find out in a personal reading given at the "40 Days in the Wilderness Retreat" in 1977, why this was so familiar.  Here is the text from that reading that deals with this issue.

After the reading was completed, we sat and visited to allow Dennis to ask Paul any questions about the information given in the readings.  When that was done, I visited with Paul for a few minutes to find out how he was archiving his work.   They were using a little $30 cassette recorder and very cheap tapes.  The more we talked, the more I wanted to assist this man in sharing his gifted information with the world.  He was excited that someone would want to archive his work in such a way.

Thus began my relationship with Paul Solomon.

Over the next two years, I conducted many of the readings, helped establish the Fellowship of the Inner Light, assisted in developing Inner Light Consciousness as the first ILC teacher besides Paul, was the second ordained Fellowship minister, and basically worked with Paul on any level necessary to grow the work.

My biggest delight, though, was to organize the Source readings for this book.  I had the idea from the first moment I met Paul, but I never told him about it.  I was jazzed, I was going to accomplish something that I had considered impossible since Cayce was dead.  As I worked with Paul, I was also taking my favorite information from the Source readings and putting them into a special folder.  

After my Fellowship ordination, July 1st, 1973, I revealed to Paul what I had been doing.  He was surprised and delighted to see his work starting to manifest in an organized form. 

At the time, he was starting to work a lot in Virginia Beach, Virginia.   He had met a gentleman named Tom Johnson, who owned the Heritage Store there.  The Heritage Store created and sold health products from the Edgar Cayce readings.  Tom was very interested in supporting Paul's work.  So Paul shared with him the book I was organizing and Tom was interested in publishing it through Heritage Publications.  Tom wanted to publish it immediately.

The next step was a work reading to allow the Source to best advise us on how to organize the book, name it and so on.   When I locate that reading I will post it.

Finally, all the pieces fell together, the book was published before Thanksgiving, 1973, and the rest is history . . .

I invite you to read the examples of the Source readings I have presented from this book.  The Table of Contents is listed below.   Hopefully, we will be able to publish this book again soon.

Daniel Emmanuel


Table of Contents

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