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Reincarnation and Karma
(6 Source Readings in this chapter)

Three Questions about Reincarnation

Conductor: Is reincarnation a truth? If so, why do a surprising number of spiritualists profess not to believe in it and why is there such confusion on this issue?

And now in giving such an answer, there are so many factors to be considered. Yet we would offer these. See that manner in which the Christ taught. He never gave emphasis to that of reincarnation, this was done for a purpose. For rather than projecting the idea of incarnating again and again on this plane to accomplish a purpose, He pointed to that development that goes beyond the need for manifesting in the physical or the human body many times.

Then the teaching of these to prepare the self for another lifetime in this plane would have pointed to something less than that ultimate goal of returning to the Father. Thus He spoke not of the intermediate stages, or the many lifetimes that might be required for attaining such soul growth, but pointed directly toward that home of the soul or the returning to the Father Himself, thus giving no emphasis to reincarnation. For this is only a tool for such growth, for such steps toward the Father. So it is not His purpose in giving emphasis to such exists.

Then as to those who are referred [to] as the spiritualists, see that which they worship. For what is their attention placed on? It would be placed not on returning to at-one-ment with the Father, or returning to that utmost expression of being again with Him. Yet their consciousness would only be given to communicating with those who have passed into the netherworld or the interbetween.  That plane particularly of those souls not caught in higher development or seeking the Father, but rather hovering about and showing that interest in things of the flesh or things of this world and those who remain on this plane.

But seek to communicate with those whose attention or mind is pointed ever upward toward the Father. Yet, these [will] be reluctant to communicate with those of Earth, for their interest is not upon the Earth or the things of the Earth. It would be understandable then that those who seek to keep spirits bound about the plane of the Earth for the possibility of communicating, would not be willing to accept the idea that these go beyond and are offered the opportunity for coming again.

Would this then deny the possibility of communicating with such souls as left consciousness or left the physical some years hence or centuries even? Not so, for understand that built on this plane is personality, is consciousness, is achievement, and these remain a part of the soul's records. Then, that which would be contacted by the spiritualist as that consciousness of the voice, that personality of the one who would be brought and manifested, exists in a very real way. Yet that soul is not bound to the Earth, for the personality was left on this plane as the soul went beyond. Then the soul went beyond. Then the soul has not been contacted, but that personality or that which is discarded, is Earth bound, may yet be contacted even centuries hence.

Then one is not wrong and the other right. Yet, there are levels of understanding. If there be the ability to understand these things, then there is not so much disagreement.

Conductor: Are we as souls free to choose the age in which we will come back - the time or period of history that we choose, or can we sense the souls we will have future contact with and does this Infinite Intelligence direct us?

This is so very difficult to explain in words or the limitations of language.  For we would say yes, that each soul could be attracted to those conditions best for him. Yet, it is as also true that the infinite knowledge of the Father Himself would direct those possibilities to give guidance, yet not supersede the will of that soul. For that soul is given much opportunity yet not free reign as to assuming this condition or this time and place.

But there are those as have been referred [to] as the Lords of Karma. Or, that you might be better able to understand: There are those controls of conscience, the higher self that is the nature of God, that have contact with the angels themselves. So there is much opportunity for advice, for direction, for assistance, for help from those higher levels of consciousness.  Yet there is Free Will or the opportunity to enter those conditions that are best for each individual soul’s development. Then [there is] not so much a conscious choice, but that which was built in life creating those conditions under which one must manifest in the next.

Then that choice is made now on this plane as to what conditions you would enter in the next life.  Upon what would you place your consciousness and what would you value? Those things will you be attracted to, and if they be those things of the flesh, pain and corruption is sowed here, so will it manifest. As the tree falleth so shall it lie. Or in such a manner shall the body be picked up again in the manner that you laid it down.

Conductor: Do animal souls reincarnate?

Not as simply stated, yet they may. Animals are steps in the evolution of consciousness.  Animals would not have individual consciousness as such, but would be vehicles, would be tools as a group, for the developing of that which would become individual consciousness and would incarnate in the higher vessels, or vehicles.




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