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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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Spiritual Growth and Teachings
(11 Source Readings in this chapter)

Knowledge Unused

Know that knowledge not used is like a poison within the system. That man who learns great knowledge and does not put it into use in practical application, grows obese mentally. Understand that as food sustains the physical life, knowledge and wisdom sustain the mental life. As rich foods in the physical body can be fattening and hamper the body and its health, so riches of wisdom can be to the mind. Therefore, exercise the mind with that knowledge you attain. Use that knowledge. Understand it. Assimilate it.

The man who takes vitamins in the form of pills and tonics would make his body like a living drugstore and can only build a surplus of vitamins and drugs.   These not used or assimilated, the body will pass them on. Only those vitamins that are assimilated, only those food values that are assimilated by the body are of value to the body. So it is with knowledge.

You have wondered why you were not given information of all those things that men have wondered about over the years, over the centuries, even back to the times of the wisdom of the ancients. And you have wondered why the wisdom of the ancients is not unfolded before you through this Source. Can you now understand? Is it reasonable that you are not able to assimilate this knowledge without preparation?

All that may be known of God lies within your own heart. All will be known of God as you have need of it and as you apply that knowledge in daily life. What then do you have need of? You have need of knowing not more about these things of the ancients, not more facts about creation, not more facts such as the color of the Master’s hair, or the design of the robe He wore! The knowledge you need pertains to the application in your daily life, in this day and time, for this people who walk the Earth in the present and those who will come.




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