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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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The inside cover notes . . .

We challenge you to read any one of the 82 excerpts within this book without being inspired, fascinated, or intrigued.  If you can read a page or two at random without experiencing one or more of these emotions, then lay the book down, as you are not ready for it.  But if you go further, be prepared to eventually be shaken to the very core of your being by the beauty, the spiritual power, and the imagery found in these inspired passages.

The messages in this book are waiting for "those who have ears to hear and eyes to see."  They were given by an orthodox minister who discovered by accident his ability to reach a state of 'waking sleep' during which fantastic, God-inspired information on any subject could be sought and obtained. 

Perhaps once in 50 years or so a man is born who is destined to become a major prophet and alter the course of religious history and thought.  Such a man was Paul Solomon, who might even to be compared to Paul, to Solomon, or to many others who have greatly influenced modern Christianity.

Our belief is that this book can change your life, if you will but give it a chance.

Once in a while a psychic appears who can consistently tune in to the Highest Frequency: the Divine within, or that harmonious Creative Force that pervades the Universe.  Such a man is Paul Solomon.  As a psychic, he is a human radio, unusually sensitive both to those around him and to that largely unexplored level of consciousness often called the Universal or Soul Mind.  He possesses that uncommon ability to tune in to the needs of those who are seeking and to answer to that need in terms of practical and inspirational guidance.

The cover illustrates this concept.  The individual, who in putting himself to sleep provides a clear channel of guidance for others, and the higher self extending the hands in blessing of this act, are two faces of the same being, united in purpose.

"Excerpts from the Paul Solomon Tapes" is not the first body of psychically obtained materials to appear in book form.  As Paul Solomon himself asserts, any individual, without exception, is capable of learning to make that connection within himself which will allow a reservoir of intuition, inspiration and creative potential to flow forth.

When psychics become commonplace, the the term will no longer possess its special relevance to a troubled society, seeking a beacon of truth in a sea of clouded perception. Until that time, dedicated and talented individuals such as Paul Solomon will continue to provide a much needed channel for greater Source of guidance and inspiration.



Table of Contents
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Atlantis and Prehistorical Times Diet and Health Healing
Music and Art Reincarnation and Karma Sex and Related Topics
Soul Development Spiritual Growth and Teachings Spirit Guides
World Prophecy A Final Word Inside Cover Notes


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