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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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World Prophecy
(10 Source Readings in this chapter)

The Beginning of the Last Days

And there is a message He has instructed that should be given, for you were there on that day when that spear was used to pierce His side.

And it comes, even in this time, in this day.  It shall be revealed so you understand those spiritual laws governing it. That there was gathered upon His shoulder and about Him, that He absorbed, that He took in, as He described it Himself, all the sin of the world, those vibrations of sinfulness were called to come in and surround Him. And in that moment that there was taken the spear and put into His side, His soul was released. And those vibrations, even of hell, as might be described, were given to that spear. And that which committed that most infamous act as ever been given on your plane, became a storehouse for such vibration, such evil.  

This spear has been passed, even as that Holy Grail was kept by those of the right hand or the servants of the Christ.  So was that spear kept as a sacred relic by those of the left and used by that infamous one, that leader of Germany, even in the most recent times, so came his power. So then it still exists in the world today.

As John Peniel will pick up that Grail, so will there be taken up as well, in that land called Italy, one who would be a ruler over this land, one so infamous that those deeds committed in that time in Germany will pale by comparison. As he takes up that spear and begins to take the cause of the poor and of the church, so will many be attracted to him and think this is the return of the Christ, and so will he be proclaimed.

Even those who are the students of metaphysics, and those who are in those studies of spiritual growth, shall cast themselves at his feet and say. "It has happened, that one has returned, that would unite all and proclaim the Law of One."   So many will be attracted to him, and yet he would be the Anti-Christ.

So will one come, little known, and his works shall not be so dramatic.   But he is the Beloved of Christ. Quietly he will gather the faithful, not looking for new converts, not seeking to reveal himself by the miracles, by the crowds; yet there will be comfort in his touch, and a feeling of Christ in his walk, and the look of compassion in his eyes. So will you who have known Him, and been the faithful, be attracted to his camp, to his following. But wait for that day and serve one another until that moment comes when he shall be the conqueror.

For he will destroy the other and set in motion that New System, that New Order of all that is to be. It will be his finger, his hand, that will point toward the clouds, as you will see His Light, as the skies will open and our Master will appear to make this ball of clay His footstool and set up His kingdom on this Earth. Those who have given themselves to Him shall not be forgotten in that kingdom, but shall be lifted above this planet and given those abilities to bless and to speak His Name unto all that remain. Those opportunities will come to lift the level of the others, thy brethren, those younger ones who have not yet been received. So will you be sent upon the missions and allowed to touch that which has been dross and base to transmute it into pure gold that you may take them as crowns and lay them at the Master’s feet. So will His purposes be accomplished in this level, in this time, and you will go to higher places, higher worlds, higher times.

#1016 (6-24-73)

(Note:  The prophecy Source Readings used in this book were collected in the time period from 3/72 - 8/73.  If the book is ever published again, we will keep these same prophecies as a historical perspective from those times.   Daniel Emmanuel)



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