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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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A Final Word
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Now children, know that in this moment He stands so near that you can feel His presence, and if there be one thing that we might express this night that might open up to a greater truth within you all, it would be in this manner: That there is given among you that tendency to understand this or that through the intellectual or finding methods, techniques or purposes, and there is the tendency to reject that which has been seen as piety, holiness, or the sanctification of the body, or that seen as superstition, as reverence in worship. But understand children, there is a God so holy that you must transcend all that is physical to stand in His Presence.

Begin respecting this physical body as a temple, as a temple of the Holy Spirit. So sacred, so sanctified that upon entering that chapel that you have prepared, you would set aside the world and enter there with such reverence, such holiness, that the character of that place would be changed.  The nature of the vibrations would be different, and you [would] enter then into worship without the word being spoken. It would not be a channel, it would not be a minister who would bring His presence, but it would exist within you. There is a God so holy that the physical body in its natural state cannot stand Its presence. Now It is not only within you, but It surrounds all that is in this Universe, all is alive with the presence of God.

Then open yourself thereto and see how holy that God is. Then make that holiest within you, that Holy of Holies, that He might enter, that you might worship there. And in so giving self, in so becoming aware that this God that has been made so natural, a plaything by those who would come about calling themselves the psychics, the spiritual teachers, the advisors here or there, and who would apply those laws, and this and that discipline, and would attempt to understand intellectually—see that these become humble, bow the knee and prostrate the self before that most holy God.  Remove the shoes, for they stand on holy ground.

Now children understand how holy is the Creator, and make it not light or simple among you, but give way to His holiness by dedicating the self, all that is. Respect those bodies. Respect His temple. Respect that place of worship, that chapel that you set aside, and make it a Holy place, that all who enter therein would feel that vibration, that Holiness, and would begin to worship from the entering in of such presences.

Now so often have these come who are assembled in this moment and bless this place, grace it with their presence, as they would seek to abide here always, as they have been commanded and [as they] vote to do so. But only their presence is real and felt, known, when you recognize it. And how would you recognize it? Make the self sensitive thereto, or open to such presences that you would feel, know, touch and communicate?

Then give self often to that worship in such a manner and make it not light. Make it not a simple exercise. Make it not small through habit but greater each time you come to worship, and less of the Earth would be known, less of the physical and more of the spiritual so that you would transcend this plane.  And often you would simply leave this temple behind and walk with Him in the clouds, when He would take the hand and walk with thee. Has He not said that "I will come in and sup with thee.   We will eat together of the manna of life?"

He is not so far off, not so far off. He would walk with thee. Open to His presence for He is here.

We bless you as we go in peace.

#3030 (8-21-73)



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