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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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Sex and Related Topics
(9 Source Readings in this chapter)

Sexual Energy and Spiritual Growth

How many of you on this plane could overcome the body, the flesh, if we could allow you to understand these principles? Understand those laws, for this becomes such mish-mash within the mind because you dare not think through or examine the consequences. But let your service be on those levels that would cause acceptance, each to one another. Learn to express love in such a way that there is no doubt in the heart of one of being loved.  As a person would see himself accepted in such a real, loving way, in the Christian manner, through service one to the other, so he would not find so great a need to use the physical body, or the lower self, as an expression of love. Then equate love with the higher expressions, and so overcome.

Now we have spoken of that kundalini force that has been raised, and understand that when spiritual development would begin, there would come the turning on of those lowest levels of the physical, or within the creative urge that is equated with the sexual, which stimulates those glands. So there would be that which you have seen in spiritual development and has been a problem through the ages, for in that very earliest day of spiritual growth or awakening, there begins in the seeker the desire to deal with the sexual urge.

But understand the reason for the occurrence. For the beginning of spiritual growth is the beginning of power. And as it would begin to unleash within the body, so it would call attention to these centers, these organs. Then would it not be natural that such would gain the immediate attention of those seeking to develop spiritually? So there would come the struggle to deal with this single problem and many never grow past that raising of the first center.  Then what would be the answer and what would lift these in spiritual growth?

See it in this manner, begin giving attention to the higher levels of the body, using this energy, this force, this power, for it is a very real force and power. And if you desire the ability to create, to heal, to project, to accomplish on this plane, then use that power, but use it for creative purposes. For in the act of such, it is released, or that power is unleashed. And for what purpose? To give only pleasure? And if so, then pleasure. But if that desire is for creativity, then use that power, use that energy raised to those levels.  For it is this energy, this power and this alone that can be raised in these centers of the body to direct the body, the understanding for a purpose to build.

Then it wouldn’t be any surprise among you that so many never accomplish that which has been described, even from these records, as potential. For many have been told that you possess the ability to make this accomplishment, that accomplishment, and some seem so great they could seem almost to be fantasized even from these planes. And why would it be so? There is not any man among you, there is not one living on that plane of Earth, that were he to harness the power of his physical body could not heal your land, could not raise the consciousness of this nation.

Then these are not exaggerated as they are given. They are given in challenge, they are given in seeing that power that lies dormant, as it might be described at the base of the spine. They are given as seeing that power raised to its highest level within the human body. And so there is no limit to that which might be accomplished through all among you.

Then would we condemn those who give the self in sexual satisfaction? Not condemnation, not from these records, not from our purposes, yet see what would be your purpose. And if your purpose be pleasure, then pleasure. And so will these forces be released, for such purpose. But if your purpose, then, would be spiritual growth, would be accomplishment, would be creativity, then channel those energies to those higher centers that would be given, that would be dedicated for such purpose.

Can you speak about marriage? And it has been given and taught through many of the masters in those writings that have been recorded, that there is given the release among those who would seek to develop and are on the path, for co-creation and not for pleasure even in marriage. And if there would be the raising of the level of consciousness, then let them withhold for that time and raise that energy that would be required and directed for a purpose, and let them accomplish. Not that these, then, even in marriage would become celibate, for this is not necessary, for these can be raised and used.

Then there can be the release within the physical body, if given for purpose and direction, and even in this act in this manner can there be the sharing between two souls. Is it not written, even in your scripture, that it would be better for the man to cast his seed into the belly of a whore than to spill it upon the ground? See then for this reason that these should be brought together in the sharing one with another and giving of that energy of self, all that is of the body, between the two people rather than the releasing for no purpose.

Then understand that these bodies have been given as tools, as equipment, and [to] that man who would learn to control his vehicle, that man who would learn to drive the automobile with all its power, to harness this engine directed exactly to that place that he would want to go. See the analogy then. Understand the body in this way. You are a soul, having been placed in a vehicle on this plane to learn to deal with the laws of this plane. Then if you would spend all that energy that is given in pleasure, then what would you accomplish but pleasure?

If that energy, then, is directed for a purpose, then what would be your purpose, what wouldst thou accomplish? What would you name? What could you name? Would you heal the sick? Would you raise the dead? Would you build cities? Would you move mountains? "All power is given into Me, both in Heaven and Earth."  This is spoken by the Son of God, not the Father.  Art thou not the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God? And being the Sons and Daughters of God, have you less power than Him who spoke?

But know all power is given unto thee both in Heaven and Earth, and if you would learn to harness that power to use as energy, then so it would be accomplished.




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