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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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Soul Development
(11 Source Readings in this chapter)

Emulating God on Earth

Conductor: What should we do to grow spiritually?

A: Now that best that might be given here would be that you learn to deal with the temple of the spirit, the physical body.  There is the erroneous teaching among you that the understanding of the Christ, or the force of One, came only through those methods of Judaism [that were] then passed down to Christianity. But if you could understand, that message was sown throughout the Earth in all ages and all times.  The Huna of Hawaii passed on its purest form the teaching concerning the Christ, the Son of God. So, as well, it was passed among those of the Red Race in this land and so many of the others.

Now if you would understand that which was their guiding principle, you would understand here what it takes to be harmonious with the physical body and so cause it to respond. Thy flesh is the indication of the thoughts of thy soul, and if it be unhealthy or not forming well, it is because those processes of thought, or that dealing with spirit, is not going well. There is not a man among you who could be spiritually healthy and physically ill, for the physical manifests that truth of the spiritual. Remember that mind ever is the builder and so comes through spirit, and the physical is only the outer manifestation.  If you could only understand that your body is only a symbol of your spiritual health.

The only reason for the body is as a given point of reference for the soul to look upon and see that this is what I am developing. Then use the body and surround it with those colors of brightness, of happiness.  As you would show forth happiness, brightness, so then you would show forth the presence of God.

Now, how would you grow spiritually? Assume that you are God, that you are the Father, of His nature in all you do, in all you speak, in all you express, express that nature.  That nature being the nature of God. Now if you would grow to be a man in this plane, or from the child to the Father, then how would you grow and how would you mature as is described on this plane? Would you not imitate those actions of the Earthly father or the daddy? Does not every child attempt to imitate that of the parent? Then so, to grow spiritually begin to act like God.

And if you would understand or attempt to emanate, to imitate God, look upon the Christ, that one that you have record of and know that He accomplished same. If you would look for an example, then, look at that one who is recorded as an example, Jesus, the man of Galilee, and imitate that life and the manner in which He taught.

For did He not do all that we have described here? Did He not learn the healing in the caves above the Jordan, and did He not manipulate the limbs of the sick, and did He not learn to strain even from those muddy waters the algae that grew there, and use it for the healing properties?  Was He a fool when He sent the man to bathe the eyes in the muddy, dirty, seemingly filthy river Jordan? Did He not know those elements and those trace chemicals that were there, even that operated? Was it not wise that He did so? But it was no accident. Then understand that which He accomplished. He used the Earth and even the mud, even the spittle in the clay there for the reason that He understood the Earth and the properties thereof and was able to apply them.

Then, as you would be able to understand this planet, this ball of clay, so you will understand that this is an expression of God. There is no physical and spiritual, there are no separations. Understand that dichotomy, duality, is only in the mind of man.

Now see it thus: Man believes that there is the physical and spiritual, and that the two are different and separated. Man believes that there is time and space. These become limitations to man and cause him not to be God. God is by definition He who cannot and does not respect the limitations of time and space.  And for this reason, He is in all places at all times simultaneously.  In that moment you begin to realize and expand the consciousness to do the same, in that moment shall you become one with the Father.

Then begin to understand that all these are but manifestations of the thoughts of God, and as you think with the Earth, so then shall you apply the Earth in all its purposes and all that it might accomplish. 

So begin to understand life for that which it is, the manifestation of the thought, the nature, the spirit of God, and so be Him.




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