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"excerpts from
The Paul Solomon Tapes,
A Sleeping Man Speaks On . . ."

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Excerpt from Daniel's Personal Source Readings that deals with his relationship to Paul Solomon.

You have seen three times destruction of your Earth or portion of it.  And three times you were involved in the preservation of that which seemed important to carry forward into a new time.  You stood, indeed, with that great prophet, Daniel, and watched the burning of Jerusalem.  And in fear and confusion were you among those miserable hordes driven from that city while still in flames, across the desert to Babylon. 

And in Babylon then you saw and were inspired by the tremendous strength, determination, dedication of Daniel.  His life, his determination, his inspiration became your strength, and often you came together and had precious moments to discuss those lessons you had learned and studied together at the feet of Yeshuah in that School of the Prophets.

Your studies were cut short by that invasion, and the carrying out into slavery in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar (King of Babylon).  You could, in the mind's eye, see that great palace.  The tremendous arches at the entrance carved in deep relief.  The stylized lions, dragons, horses, chariots carved on the walls of that great city.  

But beyond that memory see this, your inspiration and ideal of communication with God came when that prophet, Daniel, laid down before you.  And listening to the prayers of those who petitioned the Lord through his form, you observed his speaking those words of guidance, of direction, many a times even now unrecorded.  You were reassured and you heard from his lips these instructions, "Keep ye alive the Word of the Lord.   And form in your consciousness this dream and intent that you go forth again to that city burned and rebuild that temple."  Then your commission in that time, your desire, that that lived in your heart was to move westward with the message.  . . . The memory of that time, however distant, when  you were known as Meshach.

. . . So much of the motivation, the memory, the intrigue, with particular aspects of expression in life in this time might well be understood including the fascination with the work of the channel in trance.  For your response to this one was caused by instant recognition, the triggering of a memory, for in that moment you saw before you once again that friend of friends on whom you depended, the prophet, Daniel.



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