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Diet and Health
(6 Source Readings in this Chapter)

Concerning a Vegetarian Diet

Now we would give for these particularly that the diet should be vegetarian. In doing so we would suggest that it should be understood that it is not the difference that one discipline or another is better in the diet, except as found in the heart of the individual and his purposes in the incarnation. That is, one may be given as vegetarian, another may be given to eat meat. The differences then would be the type of self, the type of work, the type of development and the level of development for the particular lifetime and the purpose for the diet.

For we would find for those who are following the mystic paths and would be developing along the lines of understanding within, that the vegetable diet without the use of meat would be for the raising of levels of vibration. That is, the taking of meat or sweets within the body would tend to bring those in spiritual development back down toward the Earth plane, [or] that is, that there might be the conversing with others on lower planes.

Now it is often found that for a teacher there must be the two extremes within the diet. That is, there must be the taking of the high spiritual foods. There should be the taking of the high spiritual foods. There should be the taking as well of the earth-bound diet, or that which would bring the entity back onto the levels of those whom he would teach.

Hence we find that the vegetarian diet is not given to all who would develop spiritually, but [for] those who would separate themselves for the purpose of the refinement of self, the refinement of this incarnation. That is, [to those desiring] the release from earth in this incarnation, the finishing of the discipline in this particular plane of manifestation, would be given the vegetarian diet.




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