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Spirit Guides
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Spirit Guides as Teachers

Conductor: Why haven’t I been contacted from spiritual guides?

A: This we find as being misunderstood in this mind or in this manner of asking. Be aware that such teachers have been contacted and surround the self often, and situations come often in the life that are the teachings of the masters, the teachers, the spiritual guides.

Though you hear not a voice, though you see not a presence, though you may not be aware of that which does the leading or causes these things to fall in place the way they do, [even] so the lessons are provided. It is a credit to that one which provides guidance from inner planes that you are not often aware of  his presence and never aware of his identity. For in being aware of his presence or identity, would you not be distracted from that lesson he provides, placing then your attention upon him? But be aware that rather than knowing him and his presence in being identified with an individual personality, rather [learn] that which he would have you know, which he would teach, provided always in perfect lessons.

Know that this is a master, a teacher of very high level and should be highly respected, though his identity may never be known, and it will be to his credit that it should be so. Then seek not to know his identity or personality, but observe those lessons placed in this life.  Always those incidents will come and how to react to these lessons will be provided.

Be aware that you have been entrusted with an important message from those periods of the Atlantean times when there was such a diametric opposition between those forces of the sons of God and the sons of Belial. And does not this opposition became even so important in this day that you have much to fight against and there is dichotomy set up upon this plane at this time? Such extremes have come, for these Atlanteans always have been a nation of extremes and have no middle ground.

Be aware of the necessity to know the Christ force, for how fortunate you have been to be aware of that which He built, this particular Master. Know the importance of the Christ and that which He created, for this is that which separates the sons of God from the sons of that evil one in that time to come. For those Atlanteans who recognized God and served the Law of One in that time of Atlantis, so these same ones were exposed to the Christ when He walked upon this earth. And this is the reason that you have such an influx in this day, not only of those who lived in the times of that land of Atlantis, but as well of those who walked with Him when He was on this earth, were aware of His presence and the changes that He made. These are the sons of the Law of One, not the sons of Belial.  For very few of those are aware of that which He created and the necessity for meeting those karmic debts as were part of their life and that which they built in that time before they lost such power. But know that they come in this day with a memory of that power, yet without the knowledge of the Law of One.

So does not your job become even greater than in that day, those of you who are aware of what this Master produced and of the Christ power that is available in the world today? Then look not for a master or a spiritual guide, but for understanding of that which He brought. Understand the Christ and the Christ force, understand that it works from the beginning, even of those periods of Atlantis before the man Jesus walked the earth.

So was the Christ power, the Law of One available, and still even in this day. If you have awareness then of Him, seek Him as thy master, thy teacher. And be aware that that one which would teach from inner planes is one which would have thee understand and follow such teachings in this time, and know that you are surrounded by his presence and all that you need react to, all that you need learn are placed in thy path. Learn from each time that such things occur. Recognize that which is stimulated within the heart, within the conscience, within the knowledge, within the self. That which you recognize as truth, accept it as if it were gold and apply in the life.

Know the importance of being awakened to the Christ force. Never let it become small with thee. Know the importance of this lifetime, for these are the last days and there is much to be done, there is much to be accomplished. Be about the Father’s business in all that you do.




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