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Tapping Unlimited Energies for Healing

Now we would see development of healing in this manner: As there is developed within faith and love, so healing comes as a natural result. It would be seen in this manner, that one you would love enough to give all that you have to make whole, perfect, and well, there is then the exchange of energy that would produce healing within that body. Healing, magnetic healing on your plane, is a development of energy and can be assisted, can be aided, can be produced in deep breathing when there is the attunement. That is, all energy that is needed, that is necessary for accomplishing any task on Earth plane exists within the atmosphere of Earth.

There are elements, there are energies, there are powers in the atmosphere of Earth that man has never yet dreamed of having tapped. These can be tapped and used, and have been by those who were the Saints of God for centuries.  In the manner, they realized that in attuning the heart, the mind, the spirit, with those divine laws, all these energies may be tapped and used.

We give then that there is available, even at this moment about the body, all the energy that is necessary to build and heal tissue. Then, all that is left is the directing of this energy. Be aware then, that there is no direction of this energy without the attunement of the Divine, without the use of the Divine Law.

Become then as a channel. See self as a channel. Realize that what you have been given, that is the body centers, those centers you call Chakras, or the Kundalini force, is but an electrical conduit from this Divine Energy that fills the atmosphere with the Prana of Life. Use this as a conduit between self, between God and the one that you would heal.

Raise these levels of energy, then, through deep breathing, through the filling of the lungs with the Prana of Life. Now, when there is the practice of the deep breathing, see that you are taking in not only air, not only oxygen and those elements that have been discovered as a part of the atmosphere, but see, be aware, open your eyes, and realize the fantastic energies that pulsate, that swarm even now about your body. And, as you breathe deeply, realize that you take in all that is necessary for the healing of any body on this plane. See no limitations. Accept no limitations. There is no disease that you could not heal if you would accept that proper energy into the body and channel it into the body of the one that you would seek to heal.

Know that all He has done you can do, and greater things even than the Christ Himself did on this plane can you do in His name, as you only will claim this power and channel it for His purposes.




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