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I would like to introduce you to a very special friend of mine, who was also my spiritual mentor,
Paul Solomon.

I met Paul in October, 1972. I was told about him by some friends who had "life readings" from him. A "life reading" contains information about your challenges and opportunities during this lifetime based upon past lives in relation to this current incarnation. To do a reading, Paul would enter into a "trance-state." While in the "trance-state," a "conductor" would present questions to him prepared by the seeker of the information. A group of entities who called themselves the "Source," would speak through Paul to answer the questions.

During his lifetime, 1939-1994, he conducted approximately 2,000 "life," "health" and "research" readings covering an amazing range of subjects from past-life to prophecy and earth changes to spiritual teachings to pyramids and Atlantis . . . I can go on and on.  If you would like to read excerpts from the Source Readings, go to this archive.

I had the opportunity to create the first book that was ever published about his readings, Excerpts From the Paul Solomon Tapes. It contains excerpts about a variety of subjects. The excerpts contain no interpretation and are presented without editing. My feeling at that time was that the interpretation of the information could limit the reader's opportunity to create his or her own understanding of what was presented from the "Source."

Since then, there have been dozens of books and even more cassette tapes published about Paul, his readings and lectures by "Fellowship of the Inner Light" and "Master's Press." Some are still available from Carmel Voice and Vision.

In 1994, The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon by W. Alexander Wheeler was published by Samuel Weiser, Inc. It is currently available at many bookstores or from Wisdom of Solomon bookstore.

Paul's work was so well respected that he was featured in a TV special, "Ancient Prophecy II," that aired on NBC, November 11th, 1994.   This show is rerun several times a year on THE LEARNING CHANNEL, cable TV.

During his lifetime, Paul Solomon traveled the world, bringing his message of Truth, Love, Peace, Vision and Inspiration to hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life. During his journeys he met and interacted with Mother Theresa, Buddhist Priestess, Tamo-san, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the Dali Lama, and other leaders of worldwide renown.

Paul's unique ability to communicate deep spiritual truths with clarity, warmth, humor and simplicity has touched the lives of all who have had the great benefit of his Wisdom. His teachings are grounded in Ancient Wisdom with relevance to today's world. Considered to be one of the finest prophets of our time, Paul's work has been featured on national television. He has attended worldwide conferences on prophecy and has been consulted by world leaders, politicians, the FBI and more.

Through the more than 2,000 readings from the Paul Solomon Source, guidance and instruction is available on virtually every phase of human existence. There are medical diagnoses and suggestions for treatment which have been proven to be accurate when used under medical supervision. There are prophecies which have been borne out in fact. There is a wealth of instruction in spiritual growth and enlightenment, and teachings of ageless wisdom from religions and cultures from the beginning of time.

Central to Paul's message was love, and in this, his life served as the example. He thought of the people he met as family and felt a deep love for all. He encouraged us all to love ourselves, Source, humanity and all of nature, yet he preached no doctrine or dogma. He was a Great Light in the world.

Paul Solomon - July 7, 1939 - March 4, 1994.

by Daniel Emmanuel

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