by W. Alexander Wheeler

This is the newest publication available about Paul's work. It takes you through his life, from childhood till his death in 1994.

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Tribute to a Citizen of the World

"Behold, I send unto you prophets . . ." (Matthew 23:24)

Paul Solomon was a prophet unto many nations. Having appeared at the darkest hour of our sorest need, he came to sound a warning that the time for change in human conduct is tenuously short, and to kindle in others the same enthusiasm for a one-world family that animated himself.

Charged with a burning intensity, a profound love and compassion for humanity, it was the power of God's word that echoed in Paul Solomon's voice. He appeared at the right moment of our history amongst a humanity tormented with a sense of spiritual void.

Although he was received and respected by kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers, and statesmen from all corners of the world, Paul Solomon offered his life in the service of all humanity --- especially the poor, the oppressed, the enslaved.

He was unique among us not only in what he said but also in what he lived. He was inflexibly faithful to the principles of eternal justice which are the unchanging laws of God. Only one week before he passed on, he was seriously injured attempting to free an 11-year-old girl from slavery in Thailand. For his dedicated effort on behalf of the enslaved children of Thailand, Paul Solomon was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

Paul Solomon handed down to mankind the richest legacy a man can leave to others --- the inheritance of a Christ-like example. He showed what a man could do whose will is strong and whose heart is filled with a power beyond Earth's reckoning. Paul Solomon died at his Virginia Beach, VA home March 4, 1994.

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About the Author:

W. Alexander Wheeler was chosen by Solomon to deliver these prophesies to readers. He puts the revelations of Solomon into context with information from other prophets, both ancient and modern, along with wisdom from Eastern, Western, and Native American spiritual traditions.

W. Alexander Wheeler, Ph.D., held the position of Associate Professor, Scholar-in-Residence at Mount Senario College in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, when it was active.

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