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Fellowship of the Inner Light

The Fellowship of the Inner Light was created by Paul Solomon as a non-denomination organization for a common meeting ground for universal spiritual studies, regardless of one's religious beliefs or background.  The Fellowship has no dogma or teachings as its foundation other than the understanding that we are One in Spirit.  The Fellowship has always worked to introduce folks to a wide a range of spiritual studies such as metaphysics, Yoga, Christianity, contemporary studies such as the Course in Miracles, to name a few examples.  In other words, anything that would help the seeker find that personal relationship with the Universe.

The first formal meeting of the Fellowship occurred on the first Sunday of October, 1972 in a little house on Shallowford Road located in the northeast part of Atlanta. Less than a dozen people attended that first meeting. Over the next few years the Fellowship would grow worldwide, serving thousands of folks, providing information from the Source readings, presenting Inner Light Consciousness (a personal development program designed from the Source readings) and establishing many Fellowships in different countries.

In October, 1972, I met Paul and had the privilege of working with him in organizing and managing the early Fellowship through 1974, then again from 1977-79. I also helped him design the original logo for the Fellowship that you see at the top of this page. The logo design is based on the Source's suggestion that the logo represent the basic religions of the world so that anyone coming to the Fellowship would feel welcome.

The original Fellowship is currently in Virginia Beach, VA, where it has resided since its move from Atlanta in 1974. Visit the website of the Fellowship of the Inner Light in Virginia Beach, VA.

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