Prepare Ye the Way – the Purpose of Prophecy

Prophecy is a message from the Universe to prepare people for future events. When we are aware of things to come, we can set aright in our minds and hearts our relationship with the Universe and be prepared to handle these circumstances in the best way possible.

This is one of the most important purposes of prophecy, as outlined in the Bible: preparation within so that we can handle the changes that appear without. For example, in the fourth chapter of Genesis from the Holy Bible, we see the first prophecy of a Messiah thousands of years before He was to appear. This inspired a special group called the Essenes, the expectant ones, who were fundamental in bringing the Messiah to the Earth.

One area that confuses people about prophecy is the timetable: when is the prophecy supposed to occur. We have prophecies by Edgar Cayce and Paul Solomon that mark certain periods of time for earth changes and the Second Coming, especially near the end of the 20th Century. However, these are time estimates created from the Sources Solomon and Cayce tapped, when these Sources attempted to convert the prophecy into linear, physical timetables.

The key to understanding prophecy timetables is to realize that it is not expressed by time in a linear sense, but by signs of the times to be more correct. Linear time is a human concept limited to the physical plane. Prophecies are given from the spiritual planes, and chains of events leading up to the major event mark time. So if we want to understand prophecy time frames, then we have to realize that prophetic signs are not ruled by linear time. Once we are able to see the prophetic signs, or events, we are surrounded by, then we can respond accordingly and better understand the prophecies as given in the Bible and by modern day prophets.

Another law that governs prophecy is the Law of Cause and Effect, or action and reaction. This law was explained by Jesus when He gave the parable of the sower: that what you sow today is what you will reap tomorrow. The prophecy formula is simple: past + present = future. It affects us on a personal level as well as Universal. If I do something in the past in a certain manner and add to it what I am doing today in a certain manner, then I should be able to know what type of future I have created for myself. This applies to all situations of life, people, money,   possessions, and so on.

The prophecies of the Universe work in a like manner. The Universe is aware of the past of the people, and knows how they are living in the present, which creates the prediction for the future. So the Universe sends a prophet to inform the people of the future they are creating and a plan to deal with the prophecy.

This brings us to an interesting question : Can we really change a prophecy from the Universe? I say yes.  If the prophet is truly of the One, the All, then the prophet will not only give a prophecy but also a plan of salvation that can alter the possible future to inspire the people to change. This can also be seen in the Cayce and Solomon prophesies. To get a better understanding of the purpose of the prophet, we will look at a story in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

There was once a man named Jonah. He was told by the Universe to go to a place called Ninevah and deliver to them a prophecy stating that their whole city was going to be destroyed if they continued in their ways. Now Jonah did not want to be a bearer of bad news, so he jumped aboard a ship, hoping to escape the task before him. While on board, the Universe caused the crew to throw Jonah overboard where he was swallowed up by a giant fish, and in the belly of the fish he prayed over his problem. Finally Jonah gave in to the Universe, and the fish delivered him to the shore from where he proceeded to Ninevah, walking through the streets, giving them Gods message to repent or their city would be destroyed in forty days. Immediately, the people responded, everyone and their animals put on sackcloth and began fasting. After forty days, the city was not destroyed. The people had changed their ways by responding to the prophecy. Jonah’s message in the present to the people concerning their past caused the people to change their future because of the way they responded.

The Universe has never allowed us to enter into a situation we could not change if we desired. The Universe’s love for us is too great to allow us to destroy ourselves without giving us an opportunity to be lifted by Its guidance. This is the whole purpose of prophecy. However, though the Universe can send the Light Bearers, it is our choice to listen.

Another way to interpret prophecy is through its symbolism. In the 70's, I worked with Paul Solomon, someone I can easily call a contemporary prophet. Paul is a trance psychic, someone who enters into a sleep-like trance to communicate with the Universe through the use of a conductor who asks Paul specific questions while under trance.

A good example of how this works is in the second chapter of Daniel, when Daniel had to recall and interpret the king’s dreams or be killed. Daniel was considered a sleeping prophet.  Someone who went to sleep, or a into a trance in today's terminology, to receive messages from the Universe.  To recall the king's dream, he and his associates go into a room where Daniel laid down and went to sleep into his trance state. Daniel is asked, while under trance, to tell them the king's dream and its interpretation. When he awoke, they told him what he had said, and he took the information to the king, saving their lives.

In 1973, when I was conductor for Paul’s readings, we got some information on the California earthquakes. It said that we would be seeing the first of these major quakes in about two years. In 1976, people began asking about those California quakes that had been predicted, wondering why California was not on the bottom of the ocean by now. What these people did not possibly realize was that they had limited themselves to the literal interpretation of the prophecy. If prophecies in the Bible can be symbolically interpreted, why not apply that to contemporary prophecies also? Let us look at the California earthquakes from a symbolic point of view and see how they may have already started.

The symbolism of California can be seen as a type of lifestyle. Someone who lives a life that is rich, easy, selfish, pretentious, and glamorous, more often than not a very plastic, shallow life, with a lot of fads and cults. The symbolism of an earthquake is something that destroys everything in its path, leaving nothing but ruin. It is the result of something weak finally crumbling under continuous pressure.

If we look at that prophecy on a broader level than just California, from the standpoint of our whole nation and our lifestyle as a people, then we might interpret the prophecy from a different point of view. After the California earthquake prophecies, our government went through an incredible change. We saw the truth of our government, as it really was, the deceit and lies given us by our elected officials due to Watergate, the payoffs by large companies to officials in our government and to governments of other countries. All these things that our country had been built on those many years were crumbling and having to be rebuilt because they were built on false pretenses, selfishness, and abuse of power. This could easily be the beginning of the California earthquakes on a Universal level.

We were also seeing a change in our society. Things were happening to people on a more personal level. They were not content with just accepting things at face value, but wanted to know what is the real truth. The government is more of the outward manifestation of what is happening to the people as a whole. Possibly later, if we have not changed sufficiently within ourselves, we will still see the physical manifestations of the earthquakes in the future. We do have a choice.

This is the work of modern day prophets. They have to be aware of where we are, as a society, in our development. They have to reflect the society we live in so that we may react accordingly to bring about the changes that will build a closer relationship between us and the Universe. The reason we must study the prophets in the Bible and the way they speak is so we may understand and be able to discern true prophecy in this time. The Universe will always guide us.

This leads us to an incident of a modern day Ninevah and how, through the following of an important prophecy, we, with the help of many others, were able to affect a possible tragic situation for the United States, and its government.

On July 4th, 1973, we contacted the Source wanting to know the outcome of the Watergate situation and if President Nixon would be able to survive, both politically and physically. We were immediately told that we were children asking for wisdom and we should be aware of the responsibility of this type of question. We should be prepared to share this information with others in hopes of taking some type of action that would possibly aid in the outcome. We were also told that this information was being given in seven other places that same evening because of the urgency of the situation.

They began telling us how President Nixon was going to go through an incredible change because of the Watergate affair. All of his closest friends were going to turn on him and he would be forced into leaving office. The whole government would possibly fall apart because there was not time for someone to be properly prepared to take the President’s place. They indicated there would be some startling changes just a few weeks after the President would leave office, if he were to leave office that soon. We were told to begin prayer groups, which we did throughout several states, to pray for the President and for the government that they might sustain through this crisis.

The President did not leave office at that time. However, several weeks later Vice-president Agnew was forced to leave office because of a tax scandal. This was shocking because if President Nixon had left office, leaving Vice-President Agnew to go through his scandal, it would have left our country in a very weak position without adequate leadership which could have caused much turmoil at home and abroad.

President Nixon stayed in office and chose Gerald Ford to be his new Vice-President. Mr. Ford was someone who did not have any scandals, and was someone who could be prepared to take office leaving our government with strong leadership if Nixon had to step down. Then that next summer, exactly a year later, Watergate broke loose proving Nixon had taken an active part in the break-in and cover-up which condemned him for what he assured the American people he had not done. Yet, when he resigned from office, he had someone to come in that was strong enough to hold our country together and not let it falter for one minute.

It is not so much the receiving of the prophecy, it is not so much the thrill of knowing what is going to happen, but it is what action is taken after the prophecy has been given. This is the work of the true Light Bearers.

The earth changes and Second Coming will be brought into being by the expectancy of the people who are creating in their minds the changes that will manifest in the physical. The particular Universal Law that governs this was given in a reading by both Edgar Cayce and Paul Solomon, which stated, "Mind is the builder."

Through our expectancy, we are bringing into manifestation that which will come as the earth changes, the Second Coming, and the raising of the consciousness of human to its Oneness with the Universe. We must realize that in preparing our minds to bring forth those happenings as indicated in the Bible, we can actually change the world and our lives in the same manner as the Essenes, who , through their expectancy, prepared the way for the Christ two thousand years ago.

Copyright, 1999, J. Daniel Emmanuel

This lecture was based on the Paul Solomon Source Reading Excerpt #9.  See the complete excerpt in the Early Prophecy Readings Collection #1.

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