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Why have Cayce's Earth Change Prophesies Not Occurred?

Question: Certain earth changes predicted by Cayce have not yet occurred. Why? And what is the significance to the U.S.?

Source: Understand that which is set in motion by the prophecy itself, even as occurred in the olden time as Jonah made the prediction concerning Nineveh and her fall. For there was not great expectation in his heart that men would change, nor that people would turn to God, nor the prophecy be averted, nor even in your time has there been that expectation. Yet, even in the mentioning of these things, there is set in motion the creative power within man, and determination. Sheer determination can avert much of that has been predicted, has been quoted. The concerns of those in those areas, refusing to accept, refusing to resign themselves to these things, will allow that they continue a little while longer.

Then understand this, as well. That group, that Cloud of Witnesses---you know as the Great White Brotherhood is a potent force, a force having great influence and great ability, both in the affairs of man and the reactions of nature and of the universe for their attunement with the laws of the Divine.

Now it was not meant that man should turn to the Father, or to the words of a prophet, or to a sect or a cult, because of the potency of a revelation or a prophecy. Had those predictions been fulfilled exactly as spoken, Edgar Cayce would have become even greater than has been a cult, and in doing so would have become in itself a diversion from God, rather than a leading to Him.

Think it never a tragedy when such has not occurred exactly as described, for it is not meant that he should be elevated to such a position that he would become worshipped among you. These were not mistakes, not errors on the part of the prophet, but rather given that they might have impact upon the minds of men, that men might consider these things. For the prophecies, in themselves, are accurate, the times dependent upon the will and the actions, the reactions, the thoughts, the purposes, of man. The prophecy itself, then, caused a reaction in the creativity of man who then, by his own will, has to this point averted the change.

The timetable, then, depends as well, upon response. For these will not occur until the leader comes, until the Initiate opens the Hall of Records. For he himself will not, in greatest way, realize his own identity until he discovers it in that Hall of Records.

Then, as there is set a Light among you, has He not Himself said, "The Way is not known even to Him who would come. The time is not set, but by the believer."

The actions, the reaction, of those upon this plane will set the time for His coming and the conditions of it. The changes are upon you, have begun, oft-times not recognized.

Know this, as well, that the time of prophecy is based upon the patterns, not upon the result. That which will cause the earth to change happens exactly as prophesied.

Reading #850, 4/4/76

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

The lecture by Daniel Emmanuel, Prepare Ye the Way, the Purpose of Prophecy, is based upon this reading.

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