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Highest of the Mysteries, Part II

Be so filled with His Presence, that your hands are His Hands, that your head is His Head, that your eyes are His and that your consciousness is dependent on His Presence within you. Let it ever be a prayer for salvation and new life at the beginning of every day saying, "Take me Lord, and make me an instrument of thy Peace. Where there is need, let my hands do Your work."

Could you ever find, on the face of this Earth a more true teacher of His righteousness and His Presence than the woman who has become known as The Mother, Mother Teresa. Would you see how the Christ Himself lives on the face of this Earth today through her hands? And can you go beyond what she has done to make the Christ alive?

If you would have a guru, then go and be with her. Not that she would teach you words, wisdom that you would memorize and know, but that you would use your hands, your feet and your heart as she has done. Is there a greater Light upon this planet that is animating the body of this woman? Does not the Christ even live today, walk among and do His works in this time as He did in that?

Can there be a greater example that could be given among you? For she is not held in bondage to a doctrine or a dogma. Know she is released in freedom as a bird in flight that gives the soul of the Christ Himself the wings of an eagle to be flown here and there about the Earth.

So is it not true that the Christ has returned and even walks among you? That His Presence is known about the world's round planet, across the globe because she loves with His Love?

And is not the body of one been transformed until it is the bread and the wine of the sacred covenant itself and work among the people?

And do not His Hands touch those who come?

And does she not know His Teaching, "For this much as you have done it to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me?" (Mat 25:40)

Then be that one, be the Christ and know that there is nothing that prevents your being the incarnation of the Christ Himself in this time for that is your purpose. It is the reason that you were called, that you were chosen, that you walked with Him. That His Hands touched you when He was on this Earth in that historical period, that you associate with the walking with the Master of Masters on this plane.

You were then a portion of Him. You were as it were, a twelfth of His Body, His Life, His Consciousness and now you must go from being a twelfth part to being all that He is and that He was, so that he might walk and work among you.

Then if you would have a living teacher, a master in this time, let it be Mother Theresa. It is not even necessary that you go to the physical place where she is. Yet you could not make a better choice, should you choose, to spend a time to understand that she does. But do that which she does, and let yourself know that here is an incarnation of the Master Himself. There is no higher teaching than the teaching that she has done. Not only by her words, but by her life, by giving life again to the Master, has she not participated in His Resurrection. And is not this one the one who was called in that time, Magdalen.

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