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Becoming One with the Universe, the Divine
(Continued from The New Testament Church)

Now be aware as it was given, the School of Prophets is being established by this source, not by this channel, nor by those who would be the servants within the Fellowship, though their work is respected, is guided from these planes. Now be aware of the sacredness of this task. Be aware of your dependency on those Creative Universal Sources that at the guiding factors of this Fellowship, of this consciousness of which you seek. How could it be any other way? For if this source is that source that you seek, can any other show the way. But seek to attune yourselves in such manner. Seek to be worthy, to be chosen, that you may be given opportunity to so learn, to give soul, self, in this way.

And as this has been given, then may it be considered answer to that question that has been brought, What discipline need I seek? For the discipline in opening the chakras, in controlling the chakras, in realizing the chakras, and we would give that these only are steps toward a goal and not a goal within themselves. There would be the studying of the Book of the Revelation, that which was written by the servant John concerning the body and the seals thereof.

Now ask not what chakras have been developed or have been opened, but seek to understand what the chakra is. For if it were given you, if it were answered that this or that chakra has been opened as, and is operating in this moment, would you have understanding thereof? Would you benefit by that knowledge? But seek to understand that which is the seal, those which are the seals of the body, and why these seals are given, and why they are sealed. Know thyself. If you would give self as sacrifice to Him who is Divine, know that that you give. Know its value. Understand that which you lay on the altar of sacrifice if you would give self to God in His service.

Now come you blessed of the Father to the banquet He has Prepared for you. For it has been given, even in His Scriptures, "You have not chosen Me. I have chosen you, lest you would not be here." Even so it is this night. And be aware that those present in this room, not only the four of you, but those gathered about who are listening at this moment, have been drawn here for these purposes and will be in attendance. Be aware that it will be so as these classes are taught. You will not be alone, for there are those on inner planes who have gathered in this place for purposes of such instruction as is being offered to you, that they may make this progress even on inner planes, as you make it on this plane.

Now there are those disciplines that will be given in this manner that may not be shared with those who are not the initiates. You will become aware of those on inner planes who would visit in your presence in these times, for these would come even as one family as the veil is lifted. And there will not be the awareness that this one is carnate, this one is discarnate. But all will be brothers and all would join even together that you may be lifted a little closer to the Godhead, that you may realize the Divine Law of One.

Now this may not be lightly taken, for it is not lightly given. Such opportunity is not often offered on your plane and dare you question it! But seek that you might be worthy to be so chosen. Seek not for pleasures of this world. Seek then to conquer this world, be fruitful and subdue the Earth as was given even in the beginning of time as the original order, the first and supreme command of God, given in the garden to the one called Adam. Even so as then it is in this day. Subdue the Earth. Bring all into subjection, that conquering the Earth, conquering the body, you might become spirit, you might become one with Him. So becoming the law is the overcoming of the law, the ability to use law for realization of Oneness with the Father

Now even in this moment that you may realize that great oneness, you may place your hands before the body, before your body spreading the fingers wide, place them even on the carpet. And observe with the eyes and giving your attention to the backs of the hands as the fingers are spread, see as it were an imaginary web that would spread from the fingers, from one to another. And as this energy would pass from one finger to the other so it becomes light. And as there comes faint light between the fingers it would seem that they all are webbed one to the other, becoming one.

And as you are able to produce this in the mind's eye and in the imagination so that it becomes even almost as if it were visible to the physical eye. Would you see then this same energy that joins one of your fingers to the other and all the fingers together even as they all were connected with one web. See this energy, this light, as it would project from the finger tips, from between the fingers and travelling outward. Would project itself, would extend itself to this body of this channel through which we speak. See then the web from both your fingers, the energy, the pattern, from your fingers. See it traveling then toward this body. And as it travels toward this body there is energy as well being produced by this body. And as that web of energy being projected by your body would meet this body, would not all of this pattern of energy become one? And have you not in this moment, the four of you, become one in this room as you are connected by this field, this energy pattern.  And would not that which is God and all that is the blessing of this Source, and even the Source that speaks through this channel in this moment, does it not as well enter your body, and are you not sharing all that is given even in this moment to this channel? Are you not purified?  Are you not healed by that energy given?

Now understand the laws of healing; understand the Law of One in this manner: So give yourself as you come before this Source each time, that it may be done. See that this is exercised. Realize this ability. Know that you may project this energy even in this manner, that all may become One, that you may share this energy, that you may share the experience and nothing would be given to the one that would not be shared with another. And all may become not only brothers, but closer than brothers, coming as one person, even as man and wife are joined together, the two become one flesh, even so shall it be within this School of Prophets.

As you would share with one another in this manner, that the strength of one is given to the weakness of another, that you become one family in Christ, and all join together to become the Body of Christ. Will you not be lifted even to His Presence, that you would walk with Him, that you would talk with Him, yea even you would sup with Him, and He with thee? And has it not been given that it should be so? Now rejoice for you visit in His Presence even this night and be aware that He would walk with you.

Now you will not leave this Presence this night as you entered it, for you are being raised to a higher level of manifestation even in this moment. And you will go from this place carrying His energy, the Divine Mark of the Christ. Not that you have become that special one, but you have taken a special responsibility. Be His servants. Be His possession. In so being, be Him in the world. Let His Light so shine that all men may see your good works and glorify the Father which is in Heaven, My Peace I give unto you.

We are through for now.

Reading #105, 1/5/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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