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The New Testament Church
(Continued from The Man at the Gate)

Now in accordance with those questions that have been asked, it would be given in this manner: That this one was one of the servants in the early church, after that time, who joined in those adventures of communal living for the purpose of banding together, for the purpose of studying as was the origin of the New Testament Church. Or might be given in this manner: That one of the congregation, one of those who gathered for purposes of studying those words of the Apostles, those teachings of Christ, those disciplines of Christianity, those disciplines of giving the self to the service of God, these would gather in the home of one who had so offered, and together, they would break bread; together they would live; together they would incorporate those disciplines of bringing up children in the ways of the Lord as was seen as the beginnings of the early church, the New Testament Church. This, then, being the Christine doctrine or that which would have been God's will for setting up the church.

We would find that even in your heart at this moment there rings a similarity to that which was known as the community of the Essenes. And we would see that this is continuation of the similar type. Or, that is, this was the first understanding, the early understanding of the New Testament Church, and it would be well that it were done even in this day. That these would be the manners of organizing that which would be the true church. Be aware that the church is within, on inner planes, but that which is within manifests on outward planes, on your levels, so that those who are gathered together, that which would be the body of baptized believers, baptized as symbol of giving self, of purifying self, of dedicating self to His Name, would be banded together then in these groups, even in this day that all would be had in common, and sharing in common all earthly possessions. There would be given all of self to the work of the Christ.

Now we would find that this one joined such groups in that period of time and was one of the servants there. But because of being one of those so touched by an Apostle was, as might be said, the celebrity, who was often called upon to speak. And because of the building of the ego, because of the feeling of importance, and because of the talent for speaking and for leadership became, as might be given, rather than a prophet, rather than a teacher, became, as would be said, a ringleader in that day, and gained attention in so doing.

This would be seen as the purpose for that which has occurred in this day. For this one again has naturally gravitated to that which was the commune or the having all things in common, this type of living even in this day. And in so doing was made the servant, the humble one in the group as repaying of this karma. And would be found that even exists in this time the natural tendency to be the servant, the supporter.

And well that it be so, for this is the purpose of this lifetime This one came to be the servant, the supported, the one whose heart would be full of love, the one who would be the go between, the arbitrator, one who would have the ability to settle differences between those who might be arguing. This one would come as the peacemaker, one who would settle, one who would be the grounding force, one who would not make pretension of great knowledge, but would help others to recognize humility. And those who would say, "I am great; I have great knowledge; I would be the teacher; I would be the leader," will always be humbled by looking at the face of this one who would smile and say, "I am small. I am the servant." And in so doing they would see this one who makes no claim of being great has become the greatest of all.

Now this would be the ministry throughout this lifetime. Recognize it as Divine charge, for there is no greater mission. Blessed is he who can so serve that others would be humbled by his presence. Wear His radiant smile. Let always His Light shine through this life, through this body. There is no greater gift than in one whose only gift is the radiance of His Divine smile, the ability to allow the Christ to be reflected in all those about.

Now concerning those questions of the ray of manifestation, we find that this one came into being on the sixth ray. And is the purpose of this lifetime that would be the servant, the ministering. There is an innate respect in this heart for that which is the established church, that which is the attempt to follow the established New Testament Church. And this one would be instrumental in establishing that which was understood as the purpose, as the knowledge of the New Testament Church. And be aware that there is no church in this day, no group, no institutional church that would follow that which would be the discipline of that which is known, that which is scripturally called the New Testament Church.

This would be built then, as it were, patterned after that of the Essenes, or that of the church established by the Apostle Peter, who was said to have all things in common. Even in that day, so in this. By the banding together, by the giving up of all earthly possessions into the central pool, by working together, so shall you support one another in love, and prepare for His coming. Even as in that day, so in this. Give self; prepare the world for His coming. For it is seen, the day is at hand.

Now be aware that there is much preparation that need be made before these may take place in physical manifestation. That is, before these would group together, giving all things in common and live together even under one roof, or in a group situation as community, there must be the ability to adjust to one another. These things should be handled as there is the guidance from within, one step at a time. As there is the ability to adjust the one to the other, as there have been those ones who complained one of the other's presence and have so judged one another as to think that this one is not on high enough plane to communicate with us. See these things as trials. Do you not know that even as the Master went through seven trials, as He became the Great Initiate, so might you have stumbling blocks put in your way. And is it not true, that which was given by this source, that which was prophesied concerning the financial dealings and the karma therewith, has come into manifestation even concerning this source. Have not you seen those who have gone out from you because they were not of you? Have you not seen these as trials? Have you not seen these as opportunities to take a step towards the initiation?

Now be aware of all those who would attempt to take these steps, who would attempt to become enlightened, who would be His servants, that there will be stumbling blocks placed in the way. There will be the periods of confusion saying, "If I am on the path, if I am following the path, why would I have to deal with this situation, and particularly when the one causing this situation is one who claims as well to be on the path." In what other way could such trial be given? And would it not be expected that you might deal with these in love? If such opportunity were not given, then where would be the growth?

Now let those who would become the initiates, let those who would become the prophets see and hear those words of Paul, the Apostle, as he introduced himself, in writing his book to the Romans, he spoke thus in introducing the letter, "I am Paul, willing bond slave of the Christ."

There are no words in your language to describe what was written in the original Greek. But might be given in this way: That word as used, bond slave, meant this: I am a man who owns no earthly possessions that I may call my own, not even my body, or my mind. All that I am, all that I have belongs to Him whom I am bonded to, Him who is the Christ. I never can make the statement, "I own this; this is mine". For there is nothing that is mine. I am owned. All that I may accumulate, all that I may possess, my talents, my energy, my mind, my body, belong to my Master. My Master is the Christ. The Christ was the Master of Jesus.

Now see truth. Know you who would enter on this path, this is the only way, this is the only attitude in which you might enter. The Christ said, through Jesus, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father but by Me." Now understand the meaning thereof. You must become the willing bond slave, even in the sense of the term as used by the Apostle in that day, that nothing, not even your own will belongs to you. Never can the possessive term be used.

Now if you would so give yourselves to Him you may enter this path and embark on that course as has been discussed and as will be given from these planes. And be aware that this channel will not teach in the waking state, for these lessons will be given through this source. And be aware, as well, that those who would be the chosen for the opportunity to receive these lessons will be chosen from these planes.

Reading #105, 1/5/73

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