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More on the Hall of Records in Giza

Question:  Will an ether generator be discovered in the Hall of Records in Giza, Egypt? Please describe the principle of this device.

Answer:   An ether generator is particularly difficult description. Understand that your physicists, your scientists in this time have developed some small understanding of ether. The elusive bodies theorized, not precisely proven, perhaps referred to as neutrino, come as near to the understanding of ether as man has come.

What you have seen in dream or vision as an ether generator, is rather an instrument which gathers this energy of the ethers and because the structure of the ether is, in comparison with other structures, small and round, can pierce between those spaces which are described as separating the particles or the charges of atoms, molecules. Thus an instrument so energized, may move freely through what you think of as atomic structure or matter.

It is rather such a ship or instrument which will be found, which you have seen, in dream and vision.

Question: In the prophecy of the Hopi, is the True White Brother and his followers the three people who enter the Hall of Records. It is said that one will bring a swastika on a stone tablet and the other a symbol of the sun. Where are those two tablets brought by the followers of the True White Brother?

Answer: Yes, we have described these both as the hemispheres of the brain which can be brought together as one tablet. Massed together, they become a key. (See this excerpt)

That self same key is the only key which will open the Hall of Records, and within that Hall of Records, literal tablets, the Books of Wisdom, the Laws of Hermes.

#9460, Given in Tokyo as a Public Source Reading, early 1990's

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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