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More on John Peniel's Work

Question:  What is John Peniel's work in relationship to the Second Coming of Christ? How does it involve Japan?

Answer:   The work of John of Peniel is to end duality and separation. It is the work of this enlightened one to build the capstone of the Mystery School, the re-establishment, as it were, of the capstone, the crown stone of Giza. And the return of the capstone is also the returning of the Crown of Enlightenment to the mind of man.

Thus the work of John of Peniel and those who work with him, including this channel and others in establishing such a school, is the work of making available to every man the Crown of Enlightenment, brain transcendence.  The mending of that which is rend in twain, the rending of the veil.

We would have you understand that the tablets which you ask about, the tablets to be brought together again from the prophecies of the Hopi, the tablets can well be said to be the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, which when brought together again by an enlightened initiate, can be made one tablet of wisdom. These are the same tablets brought by Moses from the crown of Sinai. They are the same tablets spoken of by Joseph Smith as Golden Tablets.

Now in the physical dimension, you will also find such tablets of wisdom written, engraved, Smaragdine tablets in the chamber of Records at Giza. Understand that Smaragdine refers to emeralds. The emerald tablets are the tablets of the heart of emerald green.

As the chambers of the heart are one, the hemispheres of the brain are one, a change in the nature of the species to androgenous. Much of these occurrences are beyond imagination at the moment. But understand that all refer to the end of the appearance of duality and the establishment of the Law of One.

Would you continue.

Question. Is it true that John Peniel is the reincarnation of John the Apostle? Is John the Baptist reincarnated now? Is Peter reincarnated?

John of Peniel, as a physical individual, is an incarnation of the one who was called the Beloved, the Apostle of the Christ. The Peniel experience is the experience of each man in his encounter with his Source, with God. Thus we give you interpretation on two levels, an experience and an incarnation of an individual.

As to the appearance of John the Baptist, he is, was, Elijah. It has been said that as the Savior will come, as the Messiah will return, Elijah will appear. We would compare this experience, the appearance of Elijah, with the appearance on the Mount of Transfiguration and Ascendance of the Christ. Understand His appearance with Moses and Elijah, and understand this meaning: that John the Baptist had completed his cycles of incarnation and does not return born of woman, but returns in descension of the heavens as he ascended to the heavens in that experience.

There is, however, one who will act in a role similar to John the Baptist, a harbinger who will work together with John the Apostle, Paul the Apostle, who is before you, and Peter who is incarnate on your plane in this time.

Understand that these three will come from three distant corners of the world, and their coming together with one from these environs of Japan will be three witnesses who will usher in the dawning of a new day particularly through the establishment of the Order of Initiation allowing the Crown of Enlightenment. Thus will be fulfilled the dream of restoring the Temples of Initiation, and this must come within the generation.

Now, what will you do with that which you have been given? You are given here keys. If you will apply them to the situations before you, you will create the opportunity for the opening of the Hall of Records.

Thus rather than asking the role of John of Peniel as an individual, let each one ask, "What will I do to accomplish the Second Coming?"

The task that is given is yours, not his. The reading from these Records for him will be given to him. The reading of this record this day is given to you.

Always consider that you ask before you ask it.


#9460, Given in Tokyo as a Public Source Reading, early 1990's

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the 
Paul Solomon Source Readings,  ,
All Rights Reserved

2000, Daniel Emmanuel/
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