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AIDS, Part 3

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A number of folks have requested information on AIDS. I have broken these into 4 parts.  Part 1 examines the causes of AIDS.  Part 2 is a continuation of the causes and some information on cures of AIDS.  Parts 3 & 4 continues to look at cures as suggested by the Source.


Continued from Part 2, 9303 . . .

Then, what can be done? Best course of action is the use of strong bacteria-specific antibiotics. Used in mega-doses and balanced with broad-spectrum, or yeast-specific antibiotics, to bring these both to normal levels.

What, then, will be accomplished by this? You will accomplish not the destruction of the HIV-virus, but rather the destruction of the opportunistic infections, which come as a result of the immune depressed system. And this is the point that must be well taken, in recreating healthy bacteria/yeast balance you will rebuild the strength of the immune system so that the presence of the HIV-virus becomes irrelevant. For the antibodies to it, in a strengthened immune system, will eliminate both the mutated virus and the spirochetes that have accompanied this strain, this powerful strain of mutant bacteria, supporting the growth and the development of the virus.

These things being accomplished you have a particular result. The result being: a body that is free of immune suppression, is capable of rebuilding immune strength. A body that is then free of both HIV-virus and mutant bacteria, and yeast and healthy bacteria returned to balance.

The accomplishment of this will require one more unusual step, and difficult step for the scientific, medical community, and that is the establishment of an ability to recognize the appropriate yeast/bacteria balance. This itself has not yet been accomplished.

Then there must be a further study of the yeast/healthy bacteria balance present in a normal body with a strong immune system. These then become the objectives of the treatment, rather than a direct attempt to kill or suppress or destroy the HIV-virus. Not to say that research should be discarded which is directed toward the destruction of the HIV-virus. We are simply saying that that is not sufficient to overcome this syndrome. You will only find that having eliminated that virus temporarily, always temporarily, when it is the virus alone that is attacked or destroyed, you still will find an immune suppressed system, unless the mutated bacteria is also destroyed.

Then your question is: should the administration of AZT be taken on as a result of that discovery, taken immediately, for the suppression of the virus and the extension of health and life? Now we would carefully answer, no, to that question. Keeping in mind that we are not in a position, quite obviously, to present medical or scientific credentials, neither from our presence within the Records, nor through the body, personality, individual, through whom we speak. Thus we are able to speak only as a Source of information without respective credentials in the scientific community sufficient to establish authority in these matters. It is for that reason that we have explained the syndrome to the extent that we can in layman’s terms.

Then we further have no recognized authority to prescribe, thus cannot specifically command or direct that you should, or should not, take AZT as a result of finding this replication. What we rather will do, is say this: the drug is sufficiently toxic to further hinder your life-style as a result of beginning it. In some extent it would, particularly at this point, create more harm than good.

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