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 A Sleeping Man
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AIDS, Part 4

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9376, 5/7/91

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A number of folks have requested information on AIDS. I have broken these into 4 parts.  Part 1 examines the causes of AIDS.  Part 2 is a continuation of the causes and some information on cures of AIDS.  Parts 3 & 4 continues to look at cures as suggested by the Source.


Question: What is my life purpose. Is my guidance correct in beginning a house for AIDS patients working with the buddy system, particularly with those who have been deserted by loved ones? How can I best go about accomplishing this purpose?

Answer:  Absolutely, absolutely. This is the best expression of your life purpose. You have come to be a healer. You have an extra-ordinary capacity for compassion, for love, for understanding. This is that which gives you the ability to channel healing through your hands, through your mind, even at a distance. The ability to understand and accept without judgment or condemnation, these make you a natural channeler of healing energy.

Now do understand this. Working with these patients can be difficult if your response to their condition increases a tendency to worry. Worry is your greatest enemy. Worry is the expression of faith in evil.  Then maintain always the expression of faith in good, which is fear’s opposite, which is also known as love.

Love, worry not. Take away their proneness to worry, and understand there is no such things as false hope. Always encourage hope and expectation of a long life, minimal effects from these concerns.

You must teach joy, laughter, all rightness, a sense of self-acceptance. You must, of all things, assist them in overcoming the hurt and the pain of rejection and loss of support from those they have loved. You have seen this picture and you have seen it well.

To begin, it is as simple as beginning an AIDS support group.  However, be careful of any tendency to cause a patient to feel that that patient is responsible for their own illness in a sense which can produce a sense of guilt.  Do relieve the guilt factor and then consider these things.

The purification of the body by a three-day apple fast followed by seven days of carrot juice in a fast will cleanse the body of those in earlier stages of the expression of AIDS syndrome.

In those more advanced with debilitating effects, understand this. AIDS is a result of under treatment of syphilis in the last fifty years (see Part 2).   For the treatment of syphilis went only as far as to remove the symptoms, but left within the body those agents called spirochetes.  If it were not for the presence of spirochetes, the AIDS virus would not have established itself in the human body. Now for that reason, it is advisable in most cases with those who have symptoms, particularly the advance symptoms of AIDS, to treat with enormous megadoses of penicillin. You will find these results reversed.

If you wish to find some medical or scientific support of what we have said here, look into the work of the German doctors who pioneered the applications of thirty million units of penicillin over a period of forty days and have seen a reversal of the symptoms of AIDS in so many patients. Understand this is an important principle, and do know that these doctors of whom we speak were guided in that experiment from this very Source. That application was made as a result of the Reading from this Source and has produced effective results.

You will find resistance to it in the United States.  Hardly any doctor will expose himself to giving such large megadoses of penicillin in the United States.

Do be aware of these possibilities for prolonging the life and for minimizing the disastrous effects of this epidemic that is so important in this time.

Now you have the picture establishing the body system and enlisting others in your community in a support system for those with AIDS. You are correct in recognizing that the greatest danger of this pandemic is the sense of a loss of support from loved ones. This absolutely must be replaced.

Become a teacher of self love, self worth, self esteem, self support.  At the same time, include what you are calling the buddy system so there are those available for these people in fear, concern and worry. The fear, of course, does more damage than the virus itself.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation