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When Time Shall Cease to Exist

Now, it is so difficult from where we stand in this moment looking at the records to inspire your minds with the possibilities that exist before you in these days of change. For in these next periods of twenty years and the time just after that, time shall no longer exist as you have counted it.

For as your priests reach beyond what they call the speed of light, and understand the Law of One that is the Law of this Universe, then shall be brought an understanding that there are not distant stars and distant planets, or distances in light years between this body and that body or the Spirit of the Universe, but it is all one! And you are a part of it, in contact with it and you grow with it.

Oh, that we might inspire you to know that the work of these priests in calling these elements to this planet, made it alive (Introduction of Flowers, Plants and Oxygen on Earth). These were those multitudes called the Elohim who entered in that time. But in this time, you see, as you make this step, this breakthrough in what you call science, you will understand that there are those among you who will step to the other bodies in this solar system to invoke and call forth that which is needed for the springing forth of life on these bodies, these planets in a multitude of ways.

So there comes a time, as John shall establish the New Order of Things. That it is understood that consciousness, this is the closest word that we can reach in this moment, but consciousness as love and logos is that energy which travels faster than the speed of light. When your consciousness is extended to a distant point in harmony with that point, then the light that makes the vibration of your body is called to the consciousness where it is at the distance point, then shall your physical body be transported to the location of the projection of consciousness. But you must break the belief and consciousness barrier of space, time, and the limitation of light for this to be accomplished.

But when it is accomplished, there shall be set up, as it were, colonies from the Earth to different bodies of this solar system of those who have specific needs for the perfection of character. Those who have difficulties with substance abuse, as it might be called in this time, will be sent to that satellite that you call the Moon. And will there teach one another love, respect, and fulfillment, until they become initiates there, and are giving opportunity to travel again.

Those who have a spirit of war, whose spirits and dispositions are given to force, and the masculine drive, those inspired to holy wars and such, will be sent by John to the environs of Mars, to perfect that spirit into a spirit of strength and foundation from which they shall travel to Venus.

And those sent to Jupiter will be those of the nature of the servants who wait upon others.

And those of the poorest of the poor, and those with the greatest need, sent to that hospital planet(?).

Those who have a determination for the cleansing of the soul in the cycles of return, will be sent to the mystery school of sacrifice that is in the environs of Saturn.

Those who lack the depth in the spirit and the ability to reach deep within themselves, will be sent to Neptune. And those who wish to pay debts, to Pluto.

Those who would develop the reasoning mind to Mercury. And for the developing of a Higher Mind, a deeper mind, a greater attunement, the understanding of the depths, will be sent to Neptune.

Those who have resisted through incarnation after incarnation after incarnation of time to allow themselves the completion of the cycle of change, these sent to Uranus for a time.

So that the population of Earth will be 1/7th the number now found inhabiting this place. But this place, in the New Order of Things, becomes again a School of the Garden. A return to a time similar to that of Lemuria, when there is the reestablishment of the purity of the atmosphere of the Earth. That it may be suitable, that these souls so sent on their journeys, might come back whole and establish a New Heaven and a New Earth.

For these in this time that we speak of are caught up with Him in the air to be sent where they need to go. Those of perfection of character, those of the nature of Christ caught up to meet with Him, and become those 144,000 given responsibility for the reshaping of the planet.

READING #9233, 4/4/88

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