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Introduction of Flowers, Water and
Oxygen on Earth

Let's go all the way back to the time of Mu, or Lemuria. For this one was a part of the company of those who made a step in the development of plant life on this planet. If you could see the miracle that occurred at the hands of this army of priests of Lemuria as they reached their hands into the heavens and called down the spirits of the stars into the plants which grew. So that patterns of refractions of light from the heavenly bodies were impressed upon the tips of growing plants, so that the Earth, as a result, first experienced flowers! The opening of blossoms and color invoked by these powerful ones who reached their hands into the heavens to bring this beauty into the Earth.

Now, if you would understand something of this process, know that the chief priests among these who accomplished this task were the poet and scientist, Goethe and Steiner.

Look at the writings from their influence about the patterns brought from the stars to the plants, and the invocation from the mineral kingdom of the establishment of a relationship with heaven and Earth by causing Earth to respond to the heavenly bodies.

For this was a stage in the development of the Earth that allowed for the bringing of the next step in life, the introduction of breath, as it were. For it was in the period of the early development of Lemuria that that which is called oxygen and water were introduced, were called from the heavens to this planet.

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