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Truth Seeker TV
Hosted by Jimi Petulla is an all new Reality Show to get to the bottom of some of the many mysteries that haunt our popular unconscious.
Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger
Fellowship of the
Inner Light - Japan
Carmel Temple
the Place of Enlightenment
So Houston, TX
LifeWorks Family
Enrichment Center
Love Without End Asano Research Institute
consulting and therapy services through personal Readings
Conscious and
Creative Living
the Intuitive Connections Network Edgar Cayce and the Association for Research and Enlightenment CSICOP
encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view
Matrix Institute for
Consciousness Studies
Universal Spiritual View
featuring the work of pyschics,
Cathy and Bill Rosek
by James Redfield
Global Meditations
wonderful site focused on raising world consciousness & awareness, includes monthly calendar of events

The Spiritual Frontier
The Academy
by H. Lynn Herrmann, The purpose of "Academy" is to pool the diverse thoughts of many into a funnel in which to share them with all Members & eventually the World.! . . . Awesome!
Spirit Web Enlightenment.Net The Life of
Emanuel Swedenborg

Silva Mind Control The Mystic Truth Bulletin  Foundation of
Loving Technology

Putting the Power of Consciousness to Work
Mystic Visions
Metaphysical Info Site
Atlantis Magazine
Index of Archives
articles from past issues
Daily American Newspaper & News Link Magazine
Where Conscious Retailers,
Wholesalers and Artists Meet
wonderful site sharing inspirational information, including a very unique section for teens
Center for Spiritual Awareness -
Roy Eugene Davis founded CSA about 25 years ago, located in Lakemont, Georgia.
Introduction to Sufism The hOMe Foundation One Light
Urantia Foundation The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Altered States,
New Zealand
New Age Information Center  The New Age Directory OmPlace Alternative Directory
University of
Metaphysical Studies
How to Become Enlightened Spirit to Spirit
Lomi Counselling Clinic
Psycholtherapy for the Mind, Body and Spirit
Command of
the Universe
Bringing US Government
closer to its people!
Spiritual Articles and Information
Psychics Headquarters
A Directory of Psychics or
Register as a Psychic
Findhorn Foundation
Spiritual Living, Education
and Eco-village
Islam The Option Institute
for Personal Growth

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