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Grace's Favorites . . .
excerpts from the Paul Solomon Source Readings.

These were suggested and provided to me from Grace de Rond, who has worked to edit and organize Paul's lectures and readings from the Source.

Charge to a Teacher
Creating Universal Harmony
The Lesson of Anger
Creating Happiness

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Charge to a Teacher

You asked to be trained as a teacher. And you have been placed in a school. From all sides about you, teaching is being given - to shape, to mold, to train that which God has claimed for Himself. For you offered a life - and He accepted.

Paul Solomon Reading #972

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Creating Universal Harmony

Realize that the greatest way to be of service to others is to keep yourself perfectly attuned. That is, aware of creative forces, aware of responsibility to yourself and others. Not a responsibility for being right, but a responsibility for maintaining harmony in your daily life.

Realize the responsibility you have for one another's happiness. See in every situation that if what you desire for your own happiness creates an unpleasant situation for another, there is something wrong. Realize that properly handled, all things work toward good for everyone involved. See it as your personal responsibility the happiness of all others on your plane. Be a quieting, soothing, calming force in the face of anger, for you will see it often. Realize that in the calming of anger there is as well the healing of disease. For disease stems from hate and anger. If these are overcome, there will be more life, more vitality, more love.

There is not a person that you will meet, in any situation, that was not placed there for you to react to. Where you can be of service and you fail to be, there is the sin of omission, or the lack of proper reaction, which is the failure to fulfill karma. Be aware of your responsibility for all souls you meet each day. Seek to help others by maintaining balance within self.

There is no greater service than bringing a smile to the face of another. See this as the ultimate service in developing self, in developing your race, in raising the world a little closer to the Godhead.

Paul Solomon Source Reading #68

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The Lesson of Anger

Learn to dispel anger quickly. Learn to move that energy quickly toward another purpose, toward another expression. Be careful of expressions of anger in the home or in the place where you work. And always, even when anger is overcome, carefully recreate the atmosphere of harmony, perfection, love - the opposite of hate and anger. Learn to build patience toward the situations of life. Learn to be a blessing to those around you.

Help one another during difficult times. When someone has lost control, has given oneself to anger, use the opportunity to react with the opposite reaction, or patience. Never give anger for anger, evil for evil but give good for evil. Use the opportunity to grow, to become what you are meant to be. Set an example of patience, and thus, build harmony.

Paul Solomon Source Reading #660

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Creating Happiness

Do what you can to increase happiness upon this earth. Know that the greatest you can do for another is not to speak a word of wisdom, but to produce a smile upon the face of another. There is such a need for happiness, for laughter on your plane in this day. And to bring laughter, to bring joy, to bring happiness on this earth would raise its vibrations. Know that an expression of joy is an expression of God.

Paul Solomon Source Reading #119

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