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The Mark of the Beast

You've come to a time in the experience, the development, the evolution of this planet, that is a period of culmination, of graduation, of completion. It becomes a lifetime that is a capstone for all those lifetimes that you have lived before. It is as if the soul prepared itself through many experiences for that that would be the greatest challenge of them all, the preparation for the return of the soul's highest expression, to be the Christ.

In the very early days, you were among those who were carried as slaves out of Atlantis in its final time of breaking up. That is, you first entered awareness of this plane at the end of its last culmination, at the birth of this current time, for there was a Heaven and Earth before this Heaven and Earth.

There was evolution of a race before the race that you know as man. You saw the ending of that race, for those were they, the Shining Beings, who took a part in your awakening to consciousness of self and the possibility of evolving to that you sprang out of, the heart of God. Now, because of that distant memory that is a part of your inner being, every experience from that to this has been colored with intent, the intent of being a part of lifting this entire race a little closer to the Godhead.

Now you've been a part of other experiences, of the going out of the Hebrew people into Assyria, Babylon, in that time. And your birth in those environs was for the purpose of identification with the needs, the hardships, the abilities, and gives you a special ability to adapt to the difficulties of the changes that will come. For so many things will come in a flash of memory not only to the early period of this lifetime, but to earlier lives, times when you lived among the Assyrian mystery sects of that day. And the time of privation of the Hebrews as they came together in tiny settlements under Babylonian captivity and attempted to retain their identity.

All these things, these soul memories, will become a part of importance in this time with separating these people apart, at a time when your own government will require all individuals to be marked for purposes of tax processing, for purposes of spending money, buying and selling. When those of this nation will be required to buy by showing a mark on their physical body. You'll be among those who set themselves apart to avoid that marking, and of necessity, then, must provide all that they consume without becoming apart of the economy of the nation in which they live. Then you will live under the most adverse of circumstances, being thought of as foreign, outcast, not fitting into the society of those who cooperate.

Now when this time of marking comes, you will see so much rebellion among the people. Those who call themselves Fundamentalists will call it the Mark of the Beast. And those of you who set the self apart will recognize, realize, that it is a form of control and must not be accepted, and others will rebel. Those who rebel will be rounded up and taken aside. Many will be cast into prison.

You face a time of change, of religious and political warfare, even among yourselves. Because of these things, you must begin to identify with one another and set the self apart in communities that become strong and dedicated communities, knowing that you have central purpose. For many of those who have a need to buy and to sell, those who become hungry, those who face privation, will be tempted then to go and allow themselves to be marked that they may become the mainstream. That they may escape persecution and become a part of the nation that so requires it. Now see these things in the mind's eye, be prepared for them, for it's not so far off.

And people must begin to understand the need for one God. For coming together in the worship of that One, for the importance of the strength of knowing Him, for the importance of the strength of having faith that He will provide. For the Lord has told you, the Lord has spoken, and much time is wasted with things of so little consequence, for your money will mean nothing.

Then get yourselves apart and be about this. Worship, serving, learning, growing, and building together, not out of fear, but because it is the way to live together, at One, having all things in common and having a central purpose dedicated together to the awareness of the Father.

READING #929, 2/12/77

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