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The Initiation of the Second Coming

All you may know of God is written already in your own hearts.

Now realize that all that may come from this source may also well up from within. There is nothing that may be given through the lips of any entity, nor through this Source, nor through any other source, that can be given you of God that would cause you to know Him better than from within your own heart.

Now understand these things whereof we speak in this manner: That as you would turn back to your source of origin, you would realize that you came from God. That that which gave you life and breath, that which breathes the breath of life into your own body was God Himself. Therefore, you now breathe the breath of God. If this be so, then does not a part of God, does not the very life of God dwell within you.

Realize and be aware that there does not live on your plane any entity who does not have available to him within His own heart all instruction in perfection for living his life on this plane for his development, for his perfection, for his returning to be at one with God.

Where, then, is the seeking? Where, then, are the questions? Why are there not the answers available?

Now we would see that the human mind, that which is the soul entity of man, may operate on several levels. You may see about you that which you choose to see. You may see that within you that you choose to see. And realize that there has no situation you experience that you did not choose to face.

How then can we avoid or reconstruct that which we would face? Realize that all answers are within. All that you may learn from this Source or any other source is within. However, this Source can act only as a catalyst to cause you to realize that which is already true in your own heart.

Now you may prove the truth of this to yourself in this moment by asking self, "Is it true what is being said," for thou knowest. See and realize, then, that all that may be known of God is already in your own heart. We can only teach you to turn within to the source of God and where His Presence may be realized.

How then comes the new birth? In this manner: When there is realized that the life of God, the very heart of God dwells inside yourself. When He is recognized, when the Divinity of God is recognized within yourself, does not it then spring to life? That which was the seed brings forth life. This is the birth within. And as you recognize the Christ Force, the Force that made Jesus the Christ, when this is recognized within your own heart and becomes the guiding factor of your life, this is the new birth.

It may be given in this manner: That your purpose on this plane is to react correctly to every entity, every human soul that you would face; to react correctly to every situation you face in this life. If you would do so, then, you must turn to the innate consciousness, the innate intelligence within you.

We use these terms to clarify these points in your own human minds, for what you would turn to, in reality, is the God Force within you. This is that which you refer to as innate.

Now see it for what it is, for it is the Christ Spirit, the God Force, and it is available to anyone who incarnates on your plane. All the guidance that you would need for any situation you may face in this lifetime is innate within you, that is, the Christ Force. All that was available to Him who became the Christ, in guidance, in knowledge, is also available inside your own heart. The difference, then, is how you tap it, how you use that which is available to you.

Now what you need know to face any situation of life correctly is also written in your own heart. And how so? This is the Christ Spirit; this is the Christ Force; this is the God Force; this is that which was left by the Christ as His legacy to you as He left what He called the Holy Spirit.

Now if it is the expression of the God Himself, is it not then Holy? And if it is of the instructions within, is it not Spirit? It is the very essence of life. And as you call on these inner planes for instruction, there is given instruction directly from the Throne of God Himself. This is the Holy Spirit. This is available to all who would call upon It.

And how would we know it then? And how would we use this guiding force in facing all situations of life? We would see it in this manner: That you would realize that the outer consciousness of the mind, as you are reacting to those forces about you, is that which you see as the alert or the attentive mind. Now as the body becomes still and quiet, at peace, we would see that the vibrations, the rate of the brain waves, would slow down, would become calm. And we would find that even as you are instructed in your Scripture, if you would become still and know that He is God, you will hear instruction from within. This is that which has been called meditation.

It has been called the quiet times; it has been called waiting upon the Lord; it has been called hearing the Still, Small Voice. But know that He will not fail as you call upon Him, and realize that He is near. Then sit quietly and wait, and accept that which comes into the mind, into the heart, as realization of truth, as innate knowledge, that this is the manner in which I should handle this situation. Recognize this as the guiding force from the subconscious mind, from the superconscious mind, from the Akasha. Choose to call it what you will, but know that it is the voice of God. It is the direction of the Holy Spirit of God.

Now realize in using these expressions that you find yourself in danger of misconstruing truth in this manner: Realize that that which is operating in your own heart and mind at this moment, that which is causing the thrill of knowing that you are one with God, that Force to which you are attuned in this moment is exactly that very same Force that operates these lips through which we speak. And whether you be across the state or across the world, as you attune to the Holy Spirit of God, as you attune to that which would guide your life and speak through your heart, you would attune to that self same Force that operates the body through which we speak.

We are not many, we are one. As you come to attune yourself, you too become one with us. This is true fellowship. This is the Initiation of the Second Coming. For as you all become one together and one with us, there will be the realization of the Christ Force, and even as you feel His Presence in this room with you this night, knowing that He has come as He promised, that where two or three are gathered in His Name there He will be in the midst, receive comfort by realizing that He joins you in this moment.

Know that as you attune yourself in this manner, you bring closer the day, the dawning of the Day of our Lord. And as you go out and as you turn inward to seek direction from God, see it not as a separate force apart from that which speaks this night, but realize there is only one Force of God, only one Spirit of God. And though we operate through this channel audibly, there is no more of this direction of the Spirit available to this channel than is available in your own heart. Realize that no one is closer to God than you are, for He lives in your own heart. It is not possible that another could be closer.

Now see yourself as the perfect expression of the perfect God in His perfect world, and as you strive to be, it shall be so. Know that all you need in instruction, in knowledge, is given as you face any situation.

Now seek to be of service, one to the other. Seek often to attune to self, and in doing so, attune to the Divine. We share in your rejoicing.

We are through for now.

READING #64, 11/7/72

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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