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Preparing for the Second Coming

Q: Is there anything special that we should do to prepare for the Lord's return and approximately when might this be?

A: The preparation will come in the creation of an atmosphere of joy. If you create smiles, laughter, joy on your plane, setting aside and leaving off all difficult doctrines, disciplines and teachings to understand, to come as little children, then you have created that atmosphere and He will come.

And has He not said that even He will not know the day or the hour, but those making the preparation only know, perhaps, then, we should ask you. For it will be you, on your plane, in the sharing, that will create that atmosphere that will allow the coming again of the Son of Man, that of the Messiah, that will change the race.

There will still be restructuring of this planet, the preparation for a new dawn, a new day, a new Heaven and a new Earth. You'll need to understand, as few have, that the two events do not necessarily coincide. For the Prince of Peace will establish His Kingdom. Will it be on your Earth as you know it? Will it be on the new Earth?

Dependent entirely on the receptivity of the people, and the preparation. Usher in, if you will, that New Day, by inviting His Presence among you, that the Master of Masters will already be walking among you, will surprise no one when He takes visible form, don't you see?

Create His Presence in such a real way that He becomes visible among you, and He has returned. Let yourself receive that understanding and we here be gratified. We will rejoice with you.

We go for now.


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