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Becoming an Instrument of Healing

Q: How can I become an instrument of healing?

A: That there be the daily dedication of the hands to that particular purpose at a specific time each day, until the thought, the purpose within becomes programmed, saying: "These hands are the hands of a healer. These hands are dedicated to the Father for His use, for His experience, and can channel, can awaken the God in others, that there might be the healing in others."

As there is the dedication of the self, of the hands daily, at the same time each day, look upon the hands until there is understanding in self, at all levels of self, that these are for a particular purpose. Each time that there is an awareness of the hands, the fingers, as healing instruments, there will be brought to the consciousness the idea that has been spoken, that has been dedicated. The soul will think of these instruments as being instruments for the application of Divine energy.

Then look upon that of the right hand as being a positive pole, an electrode, a transmitter of energy, and the left as a receiver. Raise, then, the voice in prayer, the eyes and the consciousness to the Father, to those energies of Universal Power, to that of the lightning, the thunder, those of the energies that are obvious within the Universe. Lifting, also, the left hand oft as if an antenna, then apply the right for the healing.

Not at all for show, but for the inner power within this one becoming then a channel for that that will be structured within the mind realizing, "I am a line, a channel of communication, receiving of the Divine to pass on to another."

Then look for, and receive, that energy of the Divine in the left and flowing through to the right, giving praise as it would happen.

Yet see His handwork in the elements and the reaction of the elements. There were those known as Pallian, of the islands of the Pacific. They lifted their hands in this manner, to the storms, to the rain, the winds, the lightning so efficiently that they were able to take the electromagnetic energy of the atmosphere, of the lightning itself, and channel through the self into a body from which the soul has passed, returning it again to life in that that you refer as the raising of the dead.

Know that these things having been done on your plane operate according those same laws as in that time. As in that day, so in this.

And never on this plane has there been a greater need for one to demonstrate, to understand, to channel, the power of the Father than now.

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