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The Other Great Record Chamber at Giza

Wisdom was gathered from the cultures of those great civilizations from Atlantis, Lemuria, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Chaldeans, and the wisdom of Israel. Those things were gleaned that were gems of wisdom and were gathered in two great libraries. Both of these were located in Egypt.

Now that which is commonly referred to as the "Wisdom of the Ancients" would be that course of study on the White Brotherhood. The completion of which was the initiation, as has been spoken of, through the various levels of the pyramid at Giza. This condensation of knowledge was stored, sealed and will be discovered in the arm of the Sphinx which guards the pyramid at Giza.

The secret which will lead to that chamber (this particular hall of records in the left arm of the Sphinx) is that it will not be entered from the passageway leading from the pyramid to the Sphinx, but through a subterranean passageway from beneath the left arm. The passage going back toward the body of the Sphinx, then up, then out again, away from the body. There will be found those guards which remain there until the ending of their time, when the tomb may be opened.

This is not to be confused with the record room in the tomb. For there, too, is a great storehouse of knowledge and relics of the culture of these ancients.


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