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Conditions That Create a Pole Shift

There was a civilization, existing in those times more ancient than you have record or knowledge, in the southern portion of what is now California and western Mexico. It was called Mu. This one was in the portion of Mu known as Lemuria in those times when there came the height of civilization, the development of science, of technology. We find among these peoples a period in which there was the departure, the rebellion, from both God's Law, and that created by man, or those laws set down as morality.

Now in the evolving of man there was pride that came from the feeling of accomplishment from the developing of such instruments as would prolong the life, control the weather, and produce such effects for weaponry, practices of medicine and control of disease. There came the pride in the race, or among those peoples, a feeling that they had grown above the necessity of moral law, or a moral code. There came a time when such were given to adultery and this became common. There was not the respect for the sex of the body and the use thereof. There was open defiance of such given as morals, respect one for another and for worship, which set conditions in the atmosphere that surrounded the Earth.

Now in that day, and it remains true to this, that that system by which the Universe was set in order and began to operate was perfect. This perfect operation of the Universe would continue to be so in that day, and in this, if conditions were not tampered with by that which was imperfect or that less than perfect.

That is to say there never would have been the shifting of poles upon this planet if there were not the creating of conditions among men that were defiant to the Laws of God. But when those conditions of God's Law were subverted among men, and there was the defiance of the Law of God, so there was set in motion upon this planet an energy that created an imbalance between those forces of good and evil, or of positive and negative. Understand then that the shifting of the poles was caused by the activity of men in defiance of their God and that Perfect Law.


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