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One Who Was with Jesus at His Trial and at the Cross

We see the questions of this heart. Now, we would give that which has been withheld, that this one might realize the purpose, and understand those feelings that are inherent within the heart. And we have long awaited opportunity to express that which this heart would wonder concerning those moments that could even pass through the memory in this day, when there was the unspoken but understood promise of the Master, Jesus, that again they would visit together.

For this is the beloved Gaius, who was a Greek mercenary, and in the service of Pontius Pilate. He was one of those who witnessed the trial of the Christ and one who even walked with Him toward that hill, the "Place of the Skull" [Golgotha]. This one stood even on the court of the home of the high priest when the Prophet of the Jewish people was so abused by His own. The confusion stood in his heart, and there was the disgust for this nation that he saw as superstitious and emotional as there was rejection of the Christ Himself.

This one stood in awe of the manhood of the man, Jesus, and was impressed by His manner, as through the ordeal He was calm and serene. This one noted with amazement that never did there pass even across His face, nor in His eyes, any look of fear or any temptation toward anger, nor did He ever seem to lose control of the situation. And this one could bear witness, even in this day, that the high priest himself, in facing the man Jesus, was intimidated and frightened, and lashed out, almost as if in self-protection, at a man who apparently stood helpless but [was] masterfully in control of all that occurred. Your heart, even in this day, bears witness to those words that are not recorded, but this one knows the composure that was the man, Jesus, as He went before Pontius Pilate. And this one is aware in his heart that the man Pilate had no choice, nor did the others about, for the Christ was in control of all that occurred that night.

This one could remember the journey to the "Place of the Skull", only about two miles distant from the place of the trial, and could recall those moments when the wrists of the Master were nailed to the tree, and watched His face in those moments. And it would seem natural for this one to know, though others would deny and not understand, that it was with a smile and blessing on those about that He carried His cross. And, unlike those two who were crucified that He was not held to His cross, but lay Himself on it, and willingly spread His arms, and accepted the spikes without flinch of pain. And it was in those moments when the spikes were driven through the wrists that the eyes met, for this one deeply searched the face of the Christ for expression of pain or regret. And it was as if in answer to an unasked question that the Christ looked up into his eyes and said: "No, I will not yield".

This one observed as the cross was raised into the air, held over the pit provided, and even dropped into place with the wrists nailed thereto. And he watched for expression of defeat, but there was none, and again the face of the Christ expressed as He looked upon him: "I am victorious, even in this hour". It would be known that this one watched, and the turmoil of the heart increased as he saw the blessing from the Master pronounced on all those who came about. And he saw the One hanging on the tree, reassuring the followers who seemed to suffer more than He. And it was this one who took the reed with a sponge, in response to the request of thirst, and dipping it in vinegar and gall for purpose of relieving the pain, he offered it to the lips of Christ. It was with a smile that He refused, as if to say: "I endure pain with no relief'.

It was at the cross that the decision was made in this heart that there existed, in this man, a Power greater than that he knew, and it was in that moment after the soul had left the body, when the Earth began to shake, the sky turned black as pitch, and the waters ran, the graves of the dead cracked open, and there was much fear in other hearts. This one stood, looked upon the cross, and vowed to be a servant of Him.

This one heard the preachings of Paul, and was blessed by the Beloved John, and was very close, often serving him and protecting him in his latter days, and it is for this reason that even in this day, this one feels drawn in his heart toward that city where they met and walked together. And as he serves, and prepares self, so will the way be provided that he may meet and walk again with the beloved servant John, and assist in his latter day.

And the question would be here, "If I am to teach, if I am to serve, why am I not given that gift of expression and the education that would make it convenient for me to tell that which I feel in my heart?" And the answer would be given in this way: Thy purpose was to be a man, even as He was a man, and the prompting in this life is to overcome all that is of the flesh, and to speak that which would be of Him. This one is well aware that he would not, that he could not depend on semantics, or the words of an educated tongue, but if he would speak inspired words of the Divine, they must come from on High.

Learn, then, to so give the instrument of thy lips to His command. Then thou couldst speak words of the Christ—those words of encouragement, of instruction, of love. And if there would be the giving of self to His service so completely, thou wouldst then become the instrument through which nought would be expressed but love. And would not He live again this day, and would not the Earth hear His voice, if such an instrument, if such lips, were given?

There will be, then, opportunity to preach . . . if this one would boldly set himself in that position, to preach the words of the Master. Then, asking, open the lips to speak; and as you expect Him to speak, so will He speak, even through thine instrument. For this one has been visited by the servant John, and is aware of his touch, his blessing, even in this lifetime, and has communicated with him. Be aware that it is so. This is for the blessing, that thou might understand and hast been given a ministry. And know that "All power is Mine, in Heaven and in Earth." And in His words, "Go ye therefore, for thou art commissioned to do the work of the Christ in this world." He has set you apart with a blessing, and given you all that is needed for the construction of His work.

Now, there are the many lessons to be learned. Thou art given patience, and thou art given opportunity in this place that is set before you. And as you would see opportunity for service, so shall you serve. And thy service shall be measured in the progress that is seen in this place, that which you would produce with what God has provided. Then, build a place of worship, build a temple of service, and that which you shall do shall be blessed.

Know that He would walk with thee in the development of those abilities, as has been given, and it is the request of the Master that we would have this one realize that often would He walk with thee, if thou wouldst become still. And know that those joyous experiences that have come will seem as nought when His touch would be known, for that baptism of fire would surpass earthly emotion. Words cannot express what thou shalt experience in that moment when personality is given to the Master and His life becomes thine.

Now thou art grown into a shepherd. Feed His sheep.

We are through for now.


In memory of dear Francis, who is now with the Christ in Spirit.

(Note from Daniel: This reading, though given for my friend, Francis, is a Universal Teaching for anyone of us who would attempt to present the Christ to the world.)

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