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Do We Choose Our Time to Reincarnate?

Question: Are we, as souls, free to choose the age and time in which we will come back?

Answer: That's so very difficult to explain in words, or the limitations of language. For we would say yes, that all would, by their consciousness, those laws of like attract like, be attracted to those conditions best for that soul. Yet, it is as well true that Infinite Knowledge, or the Father Himself, would direct those possibilities, and give guidance here, yet not superseding the free will of that soul.

But there are those, as have been referred as the Lords of Karma, who are those controls of conscience, the Higher Self, that are as the nature of God and so have contact with the angels themselves. So there is much opportunity for advice, for direction, for assistance, for help from those higher levels of consciousness.

Yet there is opportunity to enter those conditions that are best for each individual soul's development. Then [there is] not so much conscious choice, but more that which was built in a previous life creating those conditions under which one must manifest in the next.

Then that choice is made now on this plane. And what conditions would you enter in the next life? That chosen here and now! Upon what would you place your consciousness and what would you value? Those things will you be attracted to in the next life. If they be those things of the flesh, if that of pain and corruption is sowed here, so will it manifest. As the tree falleth so shall it lie. Or in such a manner shall the body be picked up again in the manner that you laid it down.


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