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To Be a Healer

Now, we would have one, then, who would center the attention on the forehead. The tips of the fingers will be placed on the forehead of the one to be healed. There would be the prayer, the attempt, the programming from mind to mind of attempting to inject faith into this system, or that is, that the one placing the fingers would believe that this is being used of God. There is the attunement together to the forces of God. They would be seen as sharing the energy from the Prana of Life or the perfect energy of God together, becoming one together. And the one placing the fingers, the hands on the forehead of this one would say in doing so:

"As I have health, so I give unto thee;
May God bring health into my body and share with thee.
May I have no more of health, no more of God
Than would be manifest in you;
That is, you and I are one:
Until you are well, I am ill."


The prayer is also presented without the added information from the Source Reading on this webpage - A Prayer for Healing.

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