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Concerning Opening the Chakras

[The entity was in] the land known as Israel or Palestine in that time when the Master walked here. Now we find that this one was a sister of one who became an apostle there. [She was] born in Tarsus, yet traveled throughout that country and was in Jerusalem at the time of that Passover when the Master gave His life: and this one was walking outside the city there in that last moment when there was the giving up of the life. And there came the earthquakes, and this one standing upon the grounds.., saw the grounds open and [saw] that the hills began to fall, and those spirits of the dead walked about, surrounding the self with life that could not be understoodó or there was no way to relate or to understand that which occurred.

Now see those laws at work in this manner: For in that moment that there was the giving up of the ghost in this One, the Master, so the Earth reacted or convulsed, erupted, and not only in that day but even in this would you find it true that in such eruptions of the Earth there is the shaking within the physical body.

Now has it not been given that [that] occurring on this plane on this planet would occur as well in that more minute, or that copy that expression of the earth, the physical body? So as the Earth opened up to give forth her dead, so did the eye of this one or that described as the third eye or the pineal here, . . . open. So were those about the Earth in that stage of inter between or the other life... appearing as spirits. Had there not been the knowledge that this one has passed, yet I recognize him here appearing as if in life? Now did it not happen to so many?

Now compare in this time, and understand that this is not unnatural phenomena that came because of the death of the Master except for the earthquakes or the eruption itself, but [phenomena] that would occur even in this time. Now examine that which has occurred in the south of this country or in South America in that time so recently in the earthquakes there, that there were so many whose eyes were opened and saw the dead walking about. And see that which occurs, for so many are taking their own lives in this time for lack of ability to deal with that which they see or find before them, for lack of ability to understand or cope with the seeing or feeling of the dead walking about. For there is not the ability then to come back to the Earth plane, for there has been the eye opened, and these found themselves on the plane of the inter between.

Now understand the reason then that ... [this information] has been given, and [why] so much secretiveness has.., come from these records, from the mediums; that [has] . .. come from those people who have attempted to explain for the spiritual development, and [why] so much caution has been taken ... in those [teachings] of the gurus, the masters, [of] those given for purposes of teaching on this plane that would safeguard you. For understand that which occurs, for in the sudden opening of those chakras of the physical body, there is more than can be received. If this trance channel through which we speak were able to maintain the waking state and see all that he would see in this moment, or be aware of so many who are gathered around as if in life in this moment, that mind would not be able to accept it, hence he is protected by removing the consciousness.

Now if any one of you in this moment were suddenly to open that of the third eye or become aware of all those spirits, the nature of those things that occur about the life that is in the atmosphere about you, you would not be able to cope with the understanding, with the realization of it; so that there would be the violence within, and the confusion, the loss of sanity. It has occurred often in those that you treat here for the insanity, [and these might be cured if] there only were the closing, the shutting down of such sight and returning within the physical body to deal with the physical world of that that you call reality.

Then understand the foolishness of those about you who come so often before these records asking, "How can I develop the chakras? How can I open this third eye and be aware of all that exists about?"

Then see that it be so, and study that of the mystical Kabala and those manners in which it was given. Study that of the wisdom of the ancients through the Hebrew tradition, and see in this manner that as you would begin to study to show the self approved to God, so ye would find that greater or higher interpretation of that called here, or corrupted, as Christianity or the Christian gospel. And see that Man who in such a same manner as you would have now, had developed within Himself a great honor, a great respect for the wisdom of the Hebrews; and that it might become more real to those of the world about, then, He descended, having mastered all such teachings in the physical, or mastered the physical body and all the uses of the laws of the universe, of this plane having become the master occultist or the highest of the adepts, as might be described.

So then He had that choice of going through the central sun to many other planes and created worlds or earths that would have been His. Yet this one came back in that Hebrew tradition that was the path in which He developed, and graced it with His presence, walking every step of that given therein or the teachings, making this come to life; then opening that book to the world, not giving those teachings, not sitting those at the feet and saying this and this, using the words and such descriptions, but living, making all these laws come to life and expressing them within Himself. [This was] not then for the purpose of establishing a new religion, a new tradition or destroying that of the Hebrew faith, for such was that honorable among Him. But He took this, opened it, made it possible, made it that vibration that would be the salvation of the Earth, and declared there is no other way to the Father.

Now see that respect He had, and understand that it is not [intended] that you would accept a new religion, for did He not say, "I bring no new law, but that of the old I make real, make perfect in the living thereof."?

Then understand that one who would accept His life and see the interpretation of it revealed throughout the scriptures, for those pictures of Him who lived as the Christ were lived again and again and again in that life, that description of the masters who became [like Christ]. And see that one named Israel, that one of whom He was the descendant or the supplanter there and see that manner in which he became the Christ. For he did so in that time when he wrestled with the angel there, and saw with his face against the face of the angel and staring right into those eyes did he not look into those eyes of himself or [that is], did he now wrestle with that highest within himself? And the highest within himself sought then to return to the Father, yet he held on with the lower self saying, "Grace me, bless me, or transmute me," as might be expressed in this time, that you might better understand. So then did the angel or the highest of himself, or that expression of God within him, or that guiding factor. . . then, [succeed in] transmuting it to another vehicle that was able to walk with God and understand His teachings.

Now would it not ever require the wrestling then within the self, and the refusal to let go when the higher self would escape from this physical world and return to the ethereal? Would you not then cling to it and express all that the Father is, thus becoming the Christ?

Now He gives no new gospel but only lived that of the Hebrew tradition or that of the masters. Then understand that he who would understand the Christ and His teachings need not cease calling the self the Jew or one of the Hebrew tradition, a Hebrew of the Hebrews, but only [be] complete within himself, having proved that perfect love that came, [for] in such a way was He the word.

Now if you would understand and develop then spiritually, study all that wisdom of the Hebrews, of the Kabala and of the Christ, for there is no other master who has given such great interpretation of Hebrew tradition than that one who became the Son of the Hebrews and thus their ruler, their king, their life.


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