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A Reprimand to the
Fellowship Group From the Archangel, Halaliel

(Note: I conducted this particular reading. The room got very cold as this awesome presence began talking through Paul. It was not a fun experience because we were guilty as charged. And as stated in the reading, the next day and for the next few days, Paul could not speak. It got our attention causing us to refocus our purpose and effortsb because we understood what was meant when it was stated, "Even so, come Lord Jesus.")

Yes, we have this Fellowship and its members. Now, we would not take those questions as have been prepared this night, for here is a message from one that has been prepared, and must be given before those of this Fellowship this night. Now, we would seek that the hearts would be attuned, that you might prepare yourself for that awesome presence that would speak...

Now, I am Halaliel, Archangel of Mercy and Guardian of the Path, and I am come for a warning to this group, that you might be aware of the job that has been placed upon your shoulders, and might take it in the manner in which it was given. For we would have you see that which occurs about you, even on this plane, and that which comes as indications within the heart of the job that has been prepared for you. Now, there have been the warnings given. There have been the many who have been lifted to this plane, and have seen the awesome sights, and have reported those things that are to come.

Now, we have seen, and are aware of, those things that exist in the hearts of these: the jealousies, the feelings of self-importance, the desire to do the job of another, the enmity even against God for what was regarded as the withholding of blessings. And it has been given:

"Unless you place your value on those things of value, those things even of value shall be taken away." And that you might know and recognize value, we give these indications, even at this time, that you might be aware of that path for which you are given responsibility and the narrowness thereof.

Now, you have made the word of God a weak instrument. You have made it impotent by declaring there is no hell. You have denied the wrath of God and the possibility of punishment. But we would have you open your eyes in this moment. We would see the black river Styx. We would see its murky depths flowing through the crags and the rocks. And we would see perched at intervals in this black and filthy mess, those urchins, those angels of Hell, those imps, that would laugh and delight at the suffering of those of your race and on your plane. And yet we would see those, even in your day, clamoring with delight and throwing themselves into its murky waters, and carrying even their children into its black and disgusting depths. And we would see only one fence that need be crossed from the birth on your plane to this river. We would have you realize that no one could reach this black and murky river that you might see as Hell, as everlasting punishment; we would have you realize that it cannot be reached without trampling upon that which God put in the way. That which you would have to trample on, to reach eternal punishment, would be a bleeding body on a cross.

Then, would you declare that a just God would not create a Hell, if He would put such an awesome figure in the way to protect you from the depths thereof? Would you then deny its existence? But know that there are even now in this moment below your plane those souls bound in chains that clamor even in this second for an opportunity to take up that body in which you now reside, feeling of a certainty that they could please their Creator, and raise themselves a little higher, a little closer to the Godhead, if given another opportunity. And yet you take this incarnation so lightly!

Now, search your hearts and see your concerns, for your concerns are for material things. They are for the income, for the personal satisfactions and lusts and pleasures. Now, we would have you realize in this moment that thou art weighed in balance, and found wanting. You speak of balance, you speak of service, you speak of love. How oft would you step from the way and look for opportunity to help a brother? How oft do you trample over the body, or go around, when you see one dying?

Oh, that we could lift the scales from your eyes, and have you realize those inner planes that try so often to help, and even in this moment are gathered about you in this room urging that you might listen and understand the symbology as has been given. Lift the scales from your eyes. Open them, that you might see and might understand and be aware of their presences, for there are guides, there are teachers, there are angels, that would minister to you. Has it not been written, even in your scriptures, that He has given the angels charge concerning you, that they might minister to you, lest at any time one of you should slip and bash his foot against a stone? And would they often visit, if there would be the opportunity, if there would be the purity, if there would be the clarity of thinking.

But is there not more time spent in condemning another than in searching your own heart? Now, what we see as having been established in this spot as a School of Prophets was given high charge and high purpose. But know that with all that has been given on this spot, it shall be taken away, if those given charge concerning these things have not attuned self solely to the one purpose. And if you would take thought of what you would eat or drink, or how you would clothe the body, we would have you realize that it is not him that could destroy this body that you should so concern self with, but him that would destroy all that you might accomplish on this plane in this lifetime, in these purposes.

And how long would you toil and struggle in the planes of the interbetween, and hope for another opportunity, and beg for another opportunity? There are souls in this room, in this moment that have wasted lifetime after lifetime and cried out for the opportunity even to be here this night and have said this is the opportunity that I will use for service. I will not become caught up in the things of earth and the pleasures of life. And yet we see it being so.

Is there not one among you who could set his light and turn his direction on that one goal and without turning to the one side or to the other, make his way straightway down that path that would be the example to these people?

And we would have it known to this channel that even this night, there will be placed the touch of this angel upon the throat. There will not be the ability to speak in the morning and this will come as a warning to you. That which is given of God as an Holy channel will be kept Holy, or the service will be taken away. That which God has set up in this place, no man will destroy. That those opportunities of service may be lifted and may be removed to another place if the servants are found wanting.

Now when you speak of love, know what love is. And when there is an opportunity to lift the spirits of another, turn not thy back, for his blood will be required at thy hands. There has been given sufficient warning; there has been given sufficient instruction.

We would see those who understand the messages of the stars, even in this day, being able to see that which comes upon you. And we will find that and it has been predicted that even your largest cities in this time will fall away into the sea, and you have not begun to understand the implications of those times. You have prayed that these wondrous events will occur and you have not prepared yourself for their occurrence. Now study the life and realize that you may look forward to the time that even a scrap of bread would buy a bag of gold. You will see children dying in your streets You will see your moon turn to dripping blood. You will see the atmospheres of the planets collide one against the other. You will realize that that which is the mass of earth in this day will take new form and new shape and will be unrecognizable to those who inhabit the earth planet in this day.

Now realize that you have been set up for a purpose in this place; you are prophets of God. You are aware of these things that are to come. This is why you exist in this day. And would you be caught up in your petty grievances concerning what you should eat or wear tomorrow, when your purpose is to warn the world of these things to come. You have been given a message; you have been given a service; you have been given a charge to keep.

At what do you spend your time? To whom do you owe your allegiance? I say to you, if you speak not the words of God, that you are of your father the devil. He who is not for me is against me. There is no middle road. You have a charge to keep. This is an sacred trust, and woe be to him from whom it is taken away. It is written in your Scriptures, "My Spirit will not always strive with men."

Now be aware that the wrath of God exists and is an Holy anger and always tempered with mercy. Know that this place and this Fellowship rest in the hollow of His hand and have been surrounded with the Holy Light. And it is the message of the Lamb that we would deliver to you in this moment, that He has placed in your hands an Holy instrument, one that need always to be attuned to the most Divine. The attunement would depend not only upon the heart of this channel, but all those that are given charge with this service. Know that He will lead and guide, and be blessed concerning these words, knowing that Him whom He love, He will chastise.

Now, to that one who has sent the question from afar off, we would give only these words: Be about the Father's business and make haste.

To those who would continue in this Fellowship, we would see the Divine charge, and realize that the weight of responsi- bility that is placed upon you is, as well, a measure of His love. Had He considered you unworthy, He would not have brought you to this place. Now come ye blessed of the Father, let us be about His business, serving always in love and with a smile on the lips.

Now attune yourself in this moment that you might hear, for He has surrounded this place with a choir of angels.

To the servant going out from you, we would have him realize that the going is attended by an angel of this mission. You will seek to establish His presence there. There will oft be the opportunity to teach, and be aware that never would you open your mouth to give counselling and guidance of Him that you would not be led by His Holy Spirit and given those words that would come from His lips. Seek always that this would be so and you shall be a channel of the Divine.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

We are through for now.

Reading #88 December 3, 1972

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the 
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