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Understanding Karma

Yes. We have this entity and the records of the relationship of the universal forces. We would find one coming into this lifetime from the area of Venus, whose need in particular is to express love and to be a catalyst that would cause this expression or give opportunity for this expression in others. Now we would find in this mind that it has come to this one that I will not receive those indications that that which has come into this life has come as a result of karma, or that is, that this one would say it would be the pat answer to say that I have done this or that in a past life and am being punished in this life through those conditions in the physical body, and I do not see that as being the conditions under which I exist.

There would be the preference, then, that this one would be told that this manifestation is for the purpose that (as has been said) the Son of God might be glorified, or that this is a mission, this is an opportunity for advancement in this life. Now, we would have this one see that both are true. It is not a choice of either one or the other.. First of all, that karma is not punishment, but opportunity to meet a situation that is necessary for growth. Never should karma be considered punishment. All punishment that comes into the human life or into the human soul, into the human existence, is brought by the entity himself, or that is, by the soul himself. That one who would judge self is self. The punishment then is that so much of what is accomplished in a lifetime is discarded, is cast off, to the areas of Saturn where it is burned and remembered no more: that is, that only those positive things, the positive building, remains with the soul and goes on to be a part of the soul. All else is cast into the lake of fire to be consumed. This is the only punishment meted out to self that that which is created continue not with the person unless it is the positive, the building aspects. See then for this one (who has misused a past life and is expressing that in this life), that there needs to be the opportunity for growth, or the opportunity to use the body in a proper manner, whereas this was not done in a former incarnation.

Therefore the information will not be withheld from this one, saying that this (polio] is not because of something that happened in a past life, for it is true. It was a result of a misuse of a past life when this one was a dancer in the court of the king, Louis XIV. For there was for this one the much misuse of the body of the life. There was the much pride of self, there was much abuse of others, for this one had the tendency toward the sadistic expression of sex and produced in many young girls of the time the misshapen or lack of attractiveness in the body because of the mistreatment of the body of these ones. Now this would be repulsive to this one in this lifetime and indeed this would be understood that it should be so, for this is the growth process, this is that which needs to be adjusted to. Be thankful, then, for the opportunity to set aright those circumstances that were wrong. And those who will come into the existence in this lifetime will be manifestations of those who were mistreated in past lives.

What then would be the growth process for this one? It would be seen in this manner: that the ministry, the whole life, the work of this one would be to raise the consciousness level of those about him, and in doing so one's own consciousness level is raised a little closer to the Godhead; or that is, there is the closer attunement with the Godhead within self if this were inspired in others and given as opportunity to others.


Final Note: This enity listened to these words and became a wonderful being in this lifetime lifting the hearts of others through the gift of music. I am sure the person has gone far beyond the need for this disease as a learning tool in future lifetimes, if there is even the need or desire to return to the Earth plane again.

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