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Paul Solomon
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The Power of Touch in
Healing and Teaching

For in the developing of these hands, these fingers, can healing be transmitted from this body to others, so as well can teaching be given. This one could even communicate well with the minds of children not able to communicate in normal manners, or those retarded, those deaf and those blind could receive the vibrations, could receive knowledge from these hands. For there is such a level of sensitivity that could be given, or could be channeled in these manners.

Now understand, in the working of children it is not so much what is said, not so much what is done, but the thinking that which thou are that impresses children. For in these times, even as is taught in those classes conducted in this place, children of this age are receptive. Those minds that are becoming adjusted to operating through the human brain [are] still, we find, on the borders of the veil, or operating on both sides, both within and without the body, and are receiving programs from all levels of thinking and vibration.

So it might be described that these little ones are psychic and some never completely make that transition from other planes into the physical body, and are considered retarded. Yet if you would know the vibration of the soul, of the mind itself, these may be brilliant. These may be masters, only operating from outside the physical vehicle. Such are placed here that you might love, that you might express love upon a being incapable, apparently, of returning that love. And such would be the ultimate challenge for developing love and would you pray on this plane for an opportunity to develop love in the ultimate? So you would ask that one be placed before you, a Mongoloid, a retarded child, one not capable of returning your love. In such a manner would you be given that challenge, that opportunity to develop the ability to love as He loves. So begin then now, and if you would teach, teach love, project love and be aware of that responsibility for that which occurs in the body of another when your hands are placed upon him. For even without your knowing or without his awareness, may your thoughts, your attitudes, your feelings be transferred into the body of another. And so may his vibrations, his auric field be altered, be changed by that which you are, that which you think. How often have these Sources warned that you be careful what you think in the presence of one who is ill, or one with whom you would counsel, one who needs help.

Then in such a manner as you would enter a place to massage this one or that one, look upon the hands. See them as instruments of God, and always dedicate the hands to His purpose before touching another. Be aware of that responsibility that you take in manipulating the body of another human being, for he will not be left without your impression. Be aware of that which you set in motion upon touching any other human being on your plane.

Well that all should so dedicate themselves daily that each person that I touch in this time and in this day, if I shake a hand, if I hug another, I am responsible for that which I do to his vibration, to his feeling. Therefore I dedicate myself at the beginning of this day to portray God and His presence to all with whom I come in contact. So might you give yourself to the developing of His vibration on this plane. It is in this manner, children, that you will prepare for His coming and make straight His paths that He may appear in the clouds.


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