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History Repeats Itself -
As In Atlantis As Today!
Part Two

Now understand in those times of the life in Atlantis when these came there, there was given a great deal of power, understanding, and those things that you would also seek in this day.  Now children, carefully see the comparison here, for the message we would attempt to bring this day is vital.  And the message would be this: That even in those last days of Atlantis, those who were the children of God gathered and sought from God understanding, and asked often, even as you would come and ask in this day, "Where are those methods, those tools that we might use for the healing of our land?  And how may we prepare for those calamities that are to come?"

For in that day they knew, even as you in this day know, that there are the calamities, the catastrophes, the changes in the surface of the Earth to come.  Understand, children, you repeat that which was done in that day.  And history never more so closely repeated itself than is happening, that is occurring in this place, in this time. Understand your purpose, then, for repeating that which was the life.

Then know that God poured forth his blessing in that day, and gave power, gave understanding, gave those tools of the pyramid energy, that focusing of the terrible crystal that was given in that time for Divine purposes.  Now understand that power is power, and that which makes for good or for evil is the manner in which that power would be directed.

Then know even in this day, as in that, there will be given, there will be taught, these methods for focusing energy, for bringing power.  And in that time, as in this, there were those, the sons of Belial, who came from the red planet, Mars.  In recognizing this power knew that these could be used for the selfish purposes, and steal, would drain in this way, and direct energies in other selfish ways.

Now understand, as well, that which occurred within the Lord's people in that time, in that day.  For even these were in those bodies that were susceptible to the drawing of pleasure, the temptation to do this or that, the partaking of self.  There was seen here that we can gain for the self by focusing energy in such a way.  I can build for myself those things that will bring pleasure to the self.  Then, as there was partaking of self, there was the taking of the bite from the apple in the garden.

Now understand the symbology here.  There was the separating from the knowledge "We are of God" and there was the identification of that which was the apple, the physical, the body.  Then man, thinking himself man, lost his identity as God.  

Even as in that day, so in this, know that you have drives, appetites, interests in those things of this Earth plane.  You were attracted from those finer planes, those subtler levels of vibration to this planet to change that which was foreign to God.  That which could have been and was a Garden of Eden, you came in this day to restore.  In great bands and droves, in great ships of great numbers you came, to change this planet, it's nature, bringing your love of beauty and peace, that again this planet might become Eden.

Now remember your cause and band together in such a way and pray "even so, come Lord Jesus!"  For that one who led the great ships in that day to came to this planet to make Eden, as He did, and then lived upon this planet the life of man and gave His all so that one day He might gather those who would come with Him again in this day. And knowing their cause, they might band together and flood this planet with the power of love, creating a force field in which He might return again victorious and set up a kingdom upon this planet.  He would return then again physically and walk among those who came with Him.

Now know that where that force field is made where there is adequate vibration that would support His coming, His living here, so He will appear and walk among you, even as one of you.  In that day that He would set up the kingdom, and look forward to this my children, but prepare and set about the self, about this Earth, those vibration that would make it possible.  Know that He will be real, that He will be physical for He will be on the physical plane.  He will come for purpose of setting up a kingdom and as those things begin to take place there will be the catastrophe here, the falling away there.

There will be the excitement about this Earth, an atmosphere of expectancy, much fear.  There will be the bowing of the knee before God in such numbers as have never occurred before on this plane.  Those who have predicted, lived, taught and made the self to be like the servants of Him will be respected, honored, and revered in that day.  Their purpose will be to understand the awesomeness of that occasion when the skies will light up with a light like never before has been seen on this planet. It will be known that this is His light and from that light He will  become a physical being, returning even in this day as in that.

Why would those attempt to explain away His coming in a physical manner?  Did He not live upon this Earth and create His kingdom in the physical and will He not return to conquer that which was taken away in that day?

Now understand these are His purposes upon the Earth.  There will be the rule, the reign, upon this physical Earth for that period of time.  Those who were the prepared will be drawn by that Light as it would appear in the clouds.  They will leave these bodies and lifting themselves, it will be as if they have become Light and will be attracted like magnets to that Light that is a part of themselves.  They will see and recognize that which is their Father, their home.  As they are attracted to that Light, so they will be caught up to meet Him in the clouds.  Those unprepared will be left looking up and crying toward the heavens that He accept them even on that day, but those are not prepared and it would be too late.

Then those caught up will return here to work among those left.  They will prepare and set aright the vibration.  There will be those coming from the red planet, those coming from those realms of evil and those chains will be released.  It will be that time as has been spoken of when there will be the battles and the blood will run in the streets.

Now these will be on the higher planes.  For those caught up will meet those coming in and there will not be the heaviness of vibration that will separate the soul from his purpose for coming.  There will be the recognition of My purpose and there will be the fighting for the cause as was the intention in leaving those higher planes, rates of vibration.

Then why would we speak of those things to these in this day?  Understand when those appetites come, that those are petty things that would remind you that you are in the human body and would distract from your soul as being spirit Divine, Sons and Daughters of God.  Will you put these aside, seeing them not as partaking of self but as partaking of that which would detract from your free nature and put the false self away.  Let Him that is divine become the ruler, the reign in your body.  Overcome that which would distract you from the very higher purpose in life.  Overcome those that would be the temptations that would take you away from the true nature.

Now understand these things occur only that they would distract, that they would pull away, that they would cause you to forget that which was your purpose in entering here.  Then put these away.  See them as the enemy and rise above.  Not that there would be conflict, not that there would be the temptation here and the disappointment, the restrictiveness of living for Him, for there is no restriction in victory.  Become the sons and daughters of God and look forward to His coming to be with you.  Know that you are of His nature and that which is of His nature will welcome Him.  Then bring the Lord Jesus into His rightful place on this planet by setting aright those vibrations and welcoming thy brother who walked with thee into this level, this rate of vibration.   Make aright His paths, welcome His life in the times that He would come, and rest upon this land.

Then cultivate this planet in such a way. Bring forth, cultivate that which would respect His vibrations and would teach those upon Earth again.  Not that you would say the words here or there, but be that which would express the Lord Jesus on this planet, in His Garden.  See this as a fertile field in which He will grow those loving things that will reflect His face, His touch, His care, upon this place that He considered His garden of Eden.  Cause this planet to reflect God, for it is the purpose.  All that was created here by His hand should sing forth and reflect His glory. Cause everything that is on this planet that is alive to reflect the name of the Christ, of God, and to sing forth "hosanna" to His name, for that time is come.

Resent not those who came from Mars, those who would seem to be the warriors, those who would seem to worship power or those who would worship conflict and fighting among you.  Resent not these, but know that love is a power, an energy that is greater than destructive energy.

And why do you doubt?  It was for this very purpose that you left the home on inner planes and came to this physical planet.  There was the feeling the conviction, the knowledge, that love, the constructive power, was greater than the destructive power.  Yet you come here possessing all that is possible, all the potential of applying the Law of Love and find yourself facing those destructive laws.  There is struck within the heart a fear, a lack of confidence in that that you possess, but know that you possess that law of God, that love of God.  That constructive power is greater than the destroyer.  And build then, build. For you must overcome those laws of destruction if you would rise above this Earth in that day.  Then allow the self not to fear anything that could be of man, of destruction or of that redness, that would be those vibrations of hate or fear.

Now know that you must give birth to that which is Christ within you.  Give nourishment to the birth of the Christ and grow into men and women of God.  Exemplify that which He is and be His messengers, His prophets in this world.  Take that which has been given and develop into children of God.

Reading 176, 7/73

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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