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History Repeats Itself -
As In Atlantis As Today!
Part One

Yes, those books are brought.  We would find that these are two of that group who have come from the realm of Venus for the specific purpose of counteracting those vibrations and the activities of that group that issued from Mars as there was the coming near, the drawing near, the cycling of the red planet.  Now understand this repetition of that which occurred in the sinking of those lands when there was the drawing in of the Sons of Belial from that red, or roaring, planet.  It was then when those tools given of God for Divine purposes began to be misused and turned against one another for purposes of war.  It was in that time, that these were among the soldiers, as might be called, who were used for the protection of those lands, and were aware of the focusing of the crystal  by those of the Sons of Belial in that day.

Now it might be noted, historically, the drawing near of the red planet in that time when there was the faction, the turning of brother against brother, of father against son, has also occurred in this time.  Beginning with that time of the Civil War in this country, reaching the peak, then in those periods of the World Wars, and slackening then in this time.

Those souls exchanging when this planet grew so near, that is, coming into incarnation on this plane, and bringing with them the war, the fighting.  There was, as well, a coming in of a great number from the realms of Venus.  Particularly in this day, in this generation, there is found great numbers of these coming that might be called peace, peace loving, those gentle, those bringing the doctrines of passive resistance and the application of the Laws of Love.

Understand that which happens in coming into the denser planes from these other levels of vibrations.  For it might be understood that life, as is expressed on those planets and realms, would not be third-dimensional, would not be heavy, would not be the physical body.  For there is not human life as you know it in these realms, in these areas.  When those projecting the self from Venus into this dimension, take on the heavy, cumbersome bodies, their thoughts are detracted from the inner ideals, or the higher ideals, that which was the purpose in entering this plane, and become distorted.  These who have natural capacity for love, find themselves restricted.

Those who were the warring factions, or those who came to change, to conquer from realms of Mars, then, change as well in the nature.  These, then, are seen often as those with energy for the intention to conquer in coming from the realms of Mars.  Then that which would be the nature of the fighting, the conquering nature, is tempered and becomes the success drive, as might be described, with a great deal of energy. Those coming from Venus so often lose that which was the intent and become passive,  peace-loving, and often appear to be lazy or not building, not driven to success, and lacking in energy and direction or goal and ideals.

Now understand it is natural that this would occur, coming into the denser solar rates of vibration, so that which is the purpose is hidden from the mind.  It is the purpose of those masters, those teachers, and those from the other planes who would gather here and would attempt to communicate through these denser levels of matter.  We would seek these that might be as speakers, as receptors, whose minds may be attuned to such fields of vibrations that we might speak and communicate with those who have come from these levels.  Then it would be the purpose of these readings to awaken within, that which was the original intent.

Now understand this well, that coming into these levels, these planes, for such intent, there is the building of that which you would bring into manifestation on this plane.  Now understand those descriptions of the Second Coming, and the purpose thereof.  As you would wonder about the preparations for those times, understand that which you build here is that which would make possible for the Second Coming, the Day of the Lord.  The changing of all to high rates of vibrations is the purpose of those coming from the red planet, from Venus, from the other levels, or the inner planes, for the building in such ways.

Reading 176, 7/73

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