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A Suggested Meditation for At-Onement

Particularly that there be a great deal of time alone, sit in solitude, reflecting upon that which is without, beyond the self, and that which has been thy home beyond the ethers, beyond the Akasha of this plane.  Bring in the nature of God that would surround the Universe, extending beyond even this planet.  Feel the self being lifted, as it were, beyond this environment, beyond this atmosphere, to the outer planes.  Know that you have stood in that day when those stars that fill the heavens expressed themselves as sons and daughters of God.  Expand yourself beyond the ability to be contained in the atmosphere of Earth and extending throughout the Universe, engulf all that He is within yourself.

In those times alone you would expand the self beyond the limitations of that which is physical.  In the quiet, absorb all that is of Him, of the freshness, renew the self and gather power, energy, to conquer the physical from outside the realm of this planet.  Then project the self into the atmosphere and beyond the self, even knowing those descriptions as have been spoken often of this channel is as saying "The kingdom of Heaven is within you."

Understand that only it is so when all the Universe, even beyond this planet to which you feel so restricted, when all is drawn within you, then you have expanded yourself beyond the limitation of time and space and taken in all that is.  Even so, free the self and often communicate beyond these levels, beyond restrictions.  For as you would project the self and the awareness beyond the restrictions of this planet, of this sphere, of this atmosphere, so then you will take in that nature of limitless glory and know that thou art of Him.  Then putting such power, such energy to work as there is the returning to the physical, so you will reflect His energy, His nature upon this, His plane of life.

See these as periods of growth, much time alone, much time taking in the thoughts of nature, make it a communion individually between self and God.  There will be energy like you have never experienced as there is the going beyond the need for appetite, for physical sustenance. It might be well that there would be the taking of distilled water, water with those impurities removed, particularly in the early morning, that there would be the flooding of the system, taking as much as possible of the water that there would be the washing, the cleaning of within and lifting the mind, the self, to higher rates of vibration.  Know that all that He is can be expressed if there is the going beyond that instrument, the physical.

Reading 176, 7/73

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