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A Sleeping Man
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"John Peniel -
Part 3"

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"The Devil can quote Scripture." - An American Proverb.

Our last installment concerning John Peniel further describes the conditions under which he will make himself known in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.   According to this excerpt, the time is drawing near.  This prophecy reading was given after the 1991 Gulf War and the events discussed are based on this war.

Remember, prophecy time lines are not linear, but are based on signs and situations.   Any specific times given in a prophecy reading of any type can be changed.

Source: John of Peniel already plays a greater role than you might guess. He is an influence behind the diplomacy that exists, and which has kept Israel from responding thus far (and becoming involved in the Gulf War situation).

Single-handedly John of Peniel has stayed the hand of Israel to this point. He will, however, become a leader of light, only when that one who appears as a savior (anti-Christ).  When he appears, John also will appear as his adversary. But it will be difficult for you to know at first, the one from the other.

But perhaps the greatest test of which is John, will be his opening of the Hall of Records.  And revealing to you the ages past, the earth before this earth, the time that gave birth to this civilization.  That one who came from Emelius to Adam, and whose son was John, who returned to be the beloved, was Benjamin with Joseph.  This one has returned and becomes one who will help the establishment of a kingdom of peace over which the Christ will reign.

As to when he (John Peniel) shall appear, understand that reading from these records does not allow us to dictate when Israel will act, when Jordan or Syria or Iraq will act. Nor can we dictate when the United States will act. We can only read the disposition of these toward action, and tell you what we see in the records of the result of the action.

We do not attempt to orchestrate these events, rather only to read them. And John will make himself known sometime after the 2nd battle has begun to rage.  And he will be seven years in making himself known about the earth to the extent that he will be considered a figure of international import.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 5/24/98

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