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Discourse on the Cosmic Schools
of Jupiter, Venus and Earth

We will say this soul has lived in experience on all of the known schools of this Solar System.  As we say all the known schools, we refer to those known to you within your system. Many references could be made to lessons learned here. We will concentrate in particular upon that of Jupiter and of Venus which are relatively recent times of experience.

Jupiter is a school of expansive creation. It is, in many ways, the school of unconditional love within this solar system.  Though we realize, of course, that Venus is often referred to as the sphere of love, it has a different meaning. Jupiter is that school which causes the expansion of consciousness. In your experience, or sojourn, upon that planet, there is a seed planted in you which causes a desire for wisdom, for consciousness, for initiation, for knowing all that can be known, for knowing all things. For, like the consciousness of man, Jupiter is a sphere of expression of expansion, of generosity, of giving to others, of selflessness.  It is also a school of power as well, but an unselfish power that is not used against others.  Nor is there even a thought in lifetimes in that sphere of a difference between one being and another, so that self-identity, self-consciousness is not at all important on that experience.

From that to the movement to Venus, we find the developing in this soul of what we will refer to as the fires of passion which are often turned toward love, but often misused in the over-expression of the passions.  Thus must be balanced in the experience in Earth, which is the school in this system of cause/effect relationships. Earth is also the school of creation.  Earth, this dualistic planet, at any given moment, experiences light on one side and darkness on the other as an illusion.  For darkness is not something which exists, but only refers to a relative absence of light. However, this illusion of duality becomes rooted in the consciousness of mankind and becomes the ultimate challenge of initiation to be overcome.  Duality is overcome when one has the consciousness necessary to maintain the energies, the powers, the emotions, the appetites, all that any individual may claim control of, which includes all facets of body, mind and spirit, even including those referred to as sub-conscious and those thought of as autonomic nerve impulses and such.  

You came to this sphere in what has been described as chariots of fire.  Perhaps you would refer to them as ships, though these chariots of fire were very much like a meteor perhaps, as a vehicle, that brought the many who entered into and began to build the age or the day of Atlantis. And in that time, in the early periods of this development, the souls inhabiting this sphere were quite busy in exercising co-creation with that Source as apprentice gods, if you will, learning to use the power of creation.

Each individual was androgenous so there was no male or female and yet the driving force, the highest power of consciousness in each individual soul at that time, the greatest hunger was for knowledge, consciousness, understanding, wisdom. And, this in itself, of course, is good and useful. Each soul was aware of the ability to create and for as long as that awareness was maintained, there was never a thought of competition. Because, for as long as life-forms on this planet were creative, there could not be a thought that, if one should take more, that another would in turn have less.

Thus, there was no thought of competition but there was curiosity, a curiosity of understanding the relationship between life and darkness and what is called love and fear or good and evil. And, though those inhabiting this school were warned against inquiring into such knowledge, the compulsion to know was too great for many to resist. What is referred to as eating of the Tree of Knowledge was to know good and evil and actually a partaking of self or selfishness and the separation within self of the two sides, the two hemispheres of the brain, the two energies which, as you would see represented in the Tao in this time as yin and yang.  These are perfectly balanced and there are not two in actuality but only one.

Still the experiment with the curious souls was toward the separation of this yin and yang, which made one.  This in turn allowed the separation of the masculine and feminine, which resulted in the parting of the brain itself, the two hemispheres of the brain, or the cleft brain, as we would refer to it.

This was the beginning of all thought of competition, of recognition of darkness.  It was the birth of fear.  It was the beginning of all things that a soul must graduate in consciousness in this time, which is the purpose for the establishment of a Mystery School in providing techniques, encouragement, assistance in releasing the appearance of duality, and allowing the individual to experience only light without darkness as a point of reference.  The ability to experience light without needing dark to make a point of comparison. And so it is with love and fear, with good and evil, with all things you think of as separation and duality. It is the purpose of the Wisdom School, then, to bring back together that which has been separated in consciousness and to create wholeness.

In an expression of wholeness on this planet, there cannot be, in any way, any form of disease.  There cannot be any form of harm one toward another, of war, or of crime, or of what you think of as life and death. Nor is there a separation in consciousness between one side of the brain and the other, nor is there a separation of the consciousness of mankind with the consciousness of God.

This, then, is the return, the second coming, the coming to Earth of God-consciousness.  It is an experience which is available, even in this time, in this day. But it may only occur when there are a sufficient number of individuals so absolutely and totally committed to losing this illusion of separation and committed to emptying both mind and body of all experiences of fear of any nature. Which, of course, necessitates an absolute and total relaxation, so that these embodied thoughts of separation and good and ill, sickness and health and such, these thoughts which become embodied and are as knots or crystals in the body, these are broken down and passed away from the body to cause the hemispheres of the brain to function together.

And when there is, simultaneously, the commitment to empty the mind of thoughts of separation, competition, fear and such, when the life force which maintains you is no longer drained away by the negative emotions, experiences or thoughts, then there is the powerful force, the all-powerful force that has been called the Rod of Jesse, it has been called the Staff of Moses, Erin's rod that buds and so on. This light, this Shekina, as it comes joins the consciousness of the soul of mankind in a stream of light.  In some ways similar to what you speak of as a laser of light.  This is a connection between the self and the consciousness of the Source or Christ-consciousness. As this occurs, enlightenment or Christ-consciousness comes into the expression of life in this time.

Now, we are responding with such a description because of your combination of questions relating to your experiences in many different spheres of the solar system and of your request, in particular, to find the opportunity to graduate this system and exit through that gateway, or doorway, which is the Sun itself.  That you may go on to other schools, other work, other experience and growth.  And it is well that you should so desire to grow beyond duality and selfishness.

Japan Reading #32, 5/4/92

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation for the 
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