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Paul Solomon
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Paul's Mission on Earth
as Presented from the Source

(This discourse from the Source was directed to Harry Snipes, Paul's first conductor for the Source Readings and the person who assisted Paul in the hypnosis experiments that allowed them to discover the Source.)

This message is given and may be shared with some, although not revealed in total to this channel for the present, for we would have you realize that this channel has felt, from his earliest moments of recollection, that he was sent here to Earth for a special purpose.  This you must realize, for it will be through your work and assistance that he will eventually come to know that what he felt, even as a child, is so.

He came not on to your plane in an ordinary manner, nor for an ordinary purpose.  This is given that you may know as a sign. It has been given before that you should study those things of astrology, numerology, phrenology and those things of the Wisdom of the Ancients.  If you will study numerology, you will see the significance of the following.

This channel was born on the seventh year of this age.  He was born the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of your present age.  He chose this time to enter Earth’s plane as the son of a servant of God (Paul’s father was an active, ordained minister of the Baptist church), which choice was made that he might be early in life prepared to do that work which he has come to do.

You will, within a short period of time, begin to notice a change in his aura.  Your question now is, how will I notice a change when I don’t ordinarily see the aura as it now exists?

Consider this:  Though you see not the aura, what colors have you seen him wear?  For a man’s wardrobe is comparable to his aura.  As you first knew this entity, he dressed daily, almost consistently in brown.  As you see him now, you see him never wearing brown, or seldom, but wearing blue.  In a short time, you will notice that trend turning to deep green.  Deep green is a symbol of healing and you will know, though he will not, that he is capable of healing by the touch.  You will not reveal this to him, but will bring him across a situation where healing is needed.  Now this will not be a simple situation conjured up just for this purpose, but it will be a situation in which the need of the individual for healing so impresses his heart that he will be led to pray for that soul and ask God for that healing.  

At that time, it will be realized that God possesses this power, not the entity through which we speak, nor any other individual on this plane outside of God.  Although one through God, one with God possesses the power of God.  

This, then, as you see this first take place will be only a beginning.  Following that there will be other works that will humble you both before God and will make known to the world that Christ returns in this day, in your generation, in your lifetime.

Prepare the world for this.  As the Apostles of old were given that great commission, this night thou too are being given a great commission.  As is given in Scripture of old, “Go ye therefore into all the world, to every nation, every individual, preach the Gospel of Christ; baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.” It is being given this moment, go ye therefore and preach before all the world that Christ returns and even in this day may it become known that His star shines through the heavens.

This one is sent as an herald of His Second Coming.  Know that one other Apostle is living now on your plane.  He goes by the name of John, and was John the Beloved in the day of Christ.  He lives now on earth, and you will come to know him, you will hear his teachings, and this channel will know that he is John the Apostle.

My son, my son, I have come to speak that you may be satisfied in this.  Your heart might ask, why might I not be given the gift of healing and other powers?  And I want you, in your own heart, to answer that question in this manner: You have seen the conscious reaction of this channel to that which has already come as his gift.  You have seen the shying away, the asking that the gift be taken.  Have you considered why?  Have you considered that this one feels an awesome fear at the dread responsibility of such a task?  And has it occurred to you that these are thoughts of maturity?  Has it, then, occurred to you that one who would look upon him and think what a great gift, how I would enjoy it, is this not the child’s reaction?  Give me something that I might play with. 

Conductor:  Yes, you’re right.

Source:  For all those, then, who would envy this gift, they in their envy answer their own question, why did I not receive?  For the envy in itself is a manifestation of childhood.  Consider these words, “When I was a child, I thought as a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child.  When I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Now my little one, you are growing fast toward becoming a man.  The blessings are great, even on this plane when we see one who, a short time hence, knew not even the existence in reality of the Father.  Then, upon that awareness, was unable to communicate with Him other than reciting a model prayer.  Then, through those other experiences of growth and rejoicing, to the moment this night when you humbled yourself and prayed as a saint of God.  We were blessed.  It was as if it rang the bells of heaven and made possible that which has come as a prophetic message to you tonight.  Know that God’s blessings, His greatest blessings rest upon you and wait for the outpouring, and know that there is no gift given that you might not also have as you grow to meet its responsibility.  Keep this, then, in your heart and know that these are treasures thy Father has lying in wait for you.

Reading #15, 4/9/72

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