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Visions of Poseida, Atlantis,
the Mathematical Formula of Nature and the Use of Crystals

Now this is Poseida, and this is fantastic.  Itís like a different world altogether because there are flying machines all over.  I see so many of them flying.

Now you (Harry Snipes, the conductor) were a pilot of a machine, a flying machine that worked in this way: the power of this machine comes from two sources, from above and from the Earth side.  There is a magnetism from the Sun or from the celestial forces that draws upon the ship and there is magnetism from the Earth that draws upon the ship.  These ships operate by creating a balance between the two forces.  Solar energy is used to counteract the magnetism of the Earth.  The power that provides the thrust is on the nature of what we would call a laser beam that operates through a copper conductor that runs in two long channels along the base of the ship.  The ship has a shape like a long cylinder, no wings, only these two runners along the bottom that appear as copper.

On the top there is a window of something like plastic or glass, but it is of stone or more in the nature of a crystal.  The vision of the pilot of this ship is more dependent on the screen that is placed before him rather than a window of the ship.  There are transmissions that are radio signals that appear on this screen in a manner similar to our television, but not in the same respect because those things that are in front of the ship, or around the ship, are reflected upon the screen without means of cameras, but through the sensitivity of the screen it self.  It acts exactly as if it were a window, a curving screen that is like a disc in front of the pilot that reveals all that is in front and in an arc so that part of what is to the side is revealed as well, although this is encased in the metal ship.  Itís not a window at all, but has a sensitivity that reacts to those things within an extended visual range.

Now I see a lot of equipment as electrical or similar.  There is a lot of use of plastic materials similar to glass or clear Plexiglas, heavy plastic.  I see a cylinder that has a surface like diamonds and facets that are cut in the surface of the cylinder.  Itís large and itís made of crystal and itís hollow.  A law of nature formulates the design in the facets of this crystal.  There is a mathematical system that governs the diagram, the lines of these facets in this stone.  It is a system that we have not yet discovered, that we donít under-stand, but it is one that we could see in a constant, consistent pattern around us, and this is the system that is repeated throughout nature.  This is natureís arithmetic.

Conductor:  Can you give the formula?

Channel:  Now the formula lies in a simple equation: 6 by 6 by 6, and this canít be broken down as yet.  This is recorded and will be discovered in openings of the pyramids, both in Egypt and in Poseida, as they are uncovered.  There has been a guard placed before these secrets that do not allow that they be revealed until that time as one that has already been selected and is being prepared shall come, and in opening the tomb these will be revealed.

Now this equation is the equation of the snowflake.  Itís the equation of the stars in our galaxy.  The equation is found in the distances of the individual planets from the sun.  This has already been theorized but that which is missing in the theory will be discovered when this one, who was an initiate, will discover and reveal that which has been recorded.

Now, under this crystal there is a couch that is shaped similar to the human body, on which the body rests, and thereís a plastic or a glass cover that is hinged.  And this crystal, through which the Sun is focused upon the body, is used for medical purposes. And more than medical because those tissues of the body that are degenerating with age, or with disease, are burned through solar energy reflected by the patterns through this crystal and are rejuvenated so the body is kept in a younger state or restored to a younger state.

Now this crystal and the rays of the sun, in providing this solar energy, are used for a multitude of other sources as well, for this is the one great blessing that was entrusted to the people of Atlantis.  And this is the very blessing that was abused and it caused the destruction of Atlantis.  For it will be learned that this crystal was used in a devastating way, in errors in tampering with the extent of its power.  For it was known that the angles of focus of the crystal in regard to the sun held potential for a much greater power than that for which it had ever been used or was even intended that it should be used.  Despite this awareness, it was allowed to become focused in such a manner as to cause cataclysms, things such as earthquakes, those things that would normally be regarded natural disasters, but were caused by the power of the focus of the sun through the great crystal.

Conductor:  Was this the crystal that brought about the great devastation back about the year 2,800 B.C.?

Channel:  Farther back, much farther.

Conductor:  Will this cause the devastation in the year 2,000?

Channel:  No, no.  Now this secret may be discovered; the equation as to the crystal may be discovered about that time; may come into use sometime about then.

Yes, for I see it in use and I see the flying ships.  Yes, very similar, very similar, but not the same, and the crystal is not used in the same way.

For in Atlantis the crystal represented a spiritual entity.  The Sun represented God.  It should be realized that the Sun was not worshiped, as such, by those of Atlantis and Poseida, but the Sun was used as a symbol of the living God, the One God.  The crystal was used in relation to the Sun because that it was realized that this crystal was a Divine trust given by God to be used as He saw fit, to be used in His will and for His purposes only, and for the aid and for the good of mankind.  Because of this, it became a religious symbol, as we would call religious, or that of a spiritual nature.  It was revered; used in that manner.

Channel:  I see another unusual flying machine.  I donít know where this is.  I assume this must be part of the Atlantean existence.  This is a one-man craft.  It is ridden similar to the manner of the motorcycle without wheels, but it has curved wings; that is, the wings extend outward and curve downward at the tips, just slightly longer than a manís arms, maybe two feet longer on each side.

Now these machines are black; the legs of the man wrap around a cylinder which produces the propelling force, but I see nothing of fire or smoke vapor.  This is an electro-magnetic force.  Itís activated by a copper core that runs about three quarters of the length.  It appears hollow in the back.  It relates to another force on the other side and they seem to develop some sort of polarity in relation to each other to equalize pressure or magnetic force on both sides of the ship.

Now the body would seem to be in direct contact with this core that runs along the topside of the machine and the body is lying upon the machine facing forward.  The controls are operated by the hands and fingers on either side of the machine as the arms reach around the machine and forward.  Now the protective shield in front of the face again is not transparent, but would seem transparent from the side on which the operator reclines, for it has a sensitive screen that reveals images of that which it is approaching.  They seem to be capable of going high into space, somehow, with no harmful effects to the rider.

I see also monorails in operation and the speed on these things is fantastic; no conception of what we have in operation today or even what we have considered.

Reading #5, March, 1972 (This is the 5th reading ever presented from the Paul Solomon Source.)

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