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Controlling Genetic Code and
Understanding Age-related Diseases

Question:  Is it wise to control the genetic code now or in the future?

Answer: It is not possible to overcome the genetic code in the most literal sense. Even though gene separation and gene splicing is possible, the genetic code is a record, a book, a tablet of karma. The slashing of a page or a part of such a Book of Life or karma can only delay or complicate the karma of a soul.

Thus the attempt at controlling genetics by tampering with genetic code can only complicate the karma of mankind.

Question:  Please explain age-related diseases that cause mental deterioration, memory loss and senility. How should medical science treat these?

Answer:  Best to understand age-related disease, particularly senility, as the attempt of a soul overcome by fear to escape reality. Rather than a dis-ease in the truest sense, such should be understood as a technique of the soul for managing or relating to reality by attempting to escape it.

Should be treated with kindness and with love. Sufficient application of relaxation of fear, of the application of music of light, of color and of peace, will often allow for such a soul to heal the self and be willing again to encounter what you think of as reality. Better that you learn to prevent it by learning early to bond the soul with love and to overcome fear.

See the revolution which comes in medical science in this time, in the understanding of the relationship between thought and that which is embodied, that which produces dis-ease of all kinds. For the process known as aging is, in itself, a dis-ease process that, in itself, may be healed by the overcoming of fear.

That is sufficient to the reading of this Record. We are through for now.

#9460, Given in Tokyo as a Public Source Reading, early 1990's

1994, Paul Solomon Foundation

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