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A Sleeping Man
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"John Peniel -
Part 2"

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This reading is an interesting discourse of special souls, including John Peniel and Paul Solomon, who have gathered for the End Time and the Preparation of the Second Coming.  The Seeker, from Australia, is apparently part of the special group of 12.   It includes an interesting bit of information about Earth Changes.

Source:  The soul has been preparing itself . . . for the transition into what you sometimes refer to as a New Age or a New World, a dawning of a new day. This one (is) among the l2 who have entered into this lifetime . . . to facilitate that transition, to allow that there be a building of a New World, a New Order of things.

This one then (the seeker), as well as this channel, have known (and) were acquainted with in that earlier time, the one John, the Beloved Apostle, called John of Peniel. . .    For in the time when this channel was known as Paul, the seeker before us known then as Antipas, and the two of them acquainted from childhood in Antioch in Greece.

The life purpose in this time . . . might be seen through the structure or channeling of a network.  The establishment of a network throughout the world of individuals and of groups seeking to influence health, economy, politics, religion, growth, education . . . all of the disciplines of your day.  (This) strong network becomes the network to be used by John of Peniel when he shall announce himself and establish the New Order.

. . . And it is not of great importance where the establishment of such a network shall occur.  Yet it is of great importance that in the transition to a new time, the focus or center of such a network be in Australia.  Because after the shifting of the magnetic poles of Earth, Australia shall become the energy center  closer to the positive pole of Earth (new North Pole?).  Benefiting as a result of that law . . . that those nations, or people, closest to the positive pole become the leaders of the world in their time and seldom, or never, conquered by those south of their position, or further from the (positive) pole.

And so Australia has been prepared, largely laid dormant over the centuries, even the ages.  And that great mass, now seen as desert, will bloom, and has been laid waste . . . for these many centuries for the particular purpose of saving (it) from the development, the misuse, abuse, of man in your time.

So (Australia) has lain fallow, and the richness covered there shall become active with this shifting of the axis of polarity and the changing of patterns of weather. This becomes a change in climate, of temperature and of moisture, rainfall, and will be a breadbasket, a focus of civilization in this changing time of the earth. Then  . . . the establishment of the center, the focus, the hub of this network of light for an Aquarian Age, shall be in that place and safe, as many other areas (of the Earth) shall be drastically altered in the changes that come.

. . . And so is the life purpose in this time, the founding, working out details with others to be sure, for directing and focusing the development of a network that is the basis for the establishment of a New Order throughout the world to eventually be the service network available to John, in his presenting of the Christ in this time, the transition to the New Age.

1994 Paul Solomon Foundation

Topic Posted 5/14/98

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